Dear and Holy Friends Peace and blessings from Jerusalem, Me’Or Modiim, Milano, Budapest and NYC between which I now commute, and from most of the rest of the world where I am occasionally finding myself and since the Internet has already been invented ( thank G-d and a few of us humans who took the hint from the Hippie Community Switchboards, CB radio, Smoke signals, drums and all else in between staring from – at least for me and eventually as I hope, all Jews to repeat, amplify and Larsen so the rest of the world hears it too – Ram Horn, Shofar in Hebrew, and I mean the Gadol model) been invented I will keep on posting there from the really interesting places I travel to.

Please welcome this blog to your list if you are interested in Social and Economic Justice, True Peace for all of mankind and not just the kind of pacification known as killing the villagers to save the village; I am creating the space and developing the infrastructure for one main project by building its components as resources become available, therefore serendipity plays a large role in establishing the timeline.

Peace to my Jewish Brothers, Peace to my Christian Friends, Peace to my Muslim Cousins, Peace to every otherwise (self)defined, classified, named which I know of or not,  feel free to attribute to my ignorance, impatience or laziness but NOT discrimination my failure to list here the tag by which you include whom you include and exclude whom you exclude from your social/economic/intellectual paradigm.

Please help correct the first case by posting here what (you believe that)I may have missed, accepting that I keep the right to delete any post which “In my sole, absolute and personal opinion or even whim, has no sufficient relevance with the topic I have chosen, which is never anything which ends in -ism. Nor Peace, or its process, processing, warming, cooling, shaking, developing , fixing, drying, shipping… (not simply puns, it’s true that I am a photographer, but there is a context and meaning which if you try hard enough you will figure out and streak out of your bathtub screaming Eureka while cops/hunks/ladies/tigers/lemmings run after your dripping body).

Please respect the second by not trying to prove me wrong on my own blog (if you try elsewhere please have the decency to inform and/or challenge me there, I don’t believe that I am infallible, but refuse to waste my time and energy trying to prove myself right whether I am or not, instead of investing them into more accurate predictions and into the path I follow towards our common destination, not in rushing to the airport sooner so I can be stuck there longer waiting for my flight, but keeping my steady pace for maximal fuel economy and good listening to birds, bees and Bach.

And if you are more sedulous than me, it is your right to be and my privilege to not be at your level of achievement; as long as I must hitchike and you drive by without picking me up you have no right to blame me for not jogging fast enough  with my heavy backpack to catch up and surpass your SUV; who knows, if I had better shoes…

And just forget about the last one, I care not for anybody’s religion, persuasion, skin color, sexuality (as long as it remains clear that I am entitled to my own and that children, employees and any captive audience is not fair game) and I hold no feeling of superiority/inferiority towards  any other human being.

My only political ideal is social justice, to proclaim the right for every member of the human race to earn an honorable living by doing what (s)he can doing, without hindrance or emargination, and if not capable of anything to be honorably cared for by society while remaining a full member thereof.

The title of Pizza Rebbe is self-attributed, but also not entirely tongue-in-cheek; it is based on the axiom that peace in the home (a far more important to me subject than politics, ever since I was cruelly shoehorned into an unwanted and unwise divorce by self interested parties and useful (to them) idiots who created the circumstances and staged the movie) comes from sustainability in all its aspects, starting from a sufficient food supply and/or the power to acquire it, in other words access to credit, tools, pizza, vino and freedom from poachers in his/her bed.

I am primarily in the business of preventing suicides and divorces when the latter are not caused by lack of love (in such case the couple should split up ASAP sparing the kids from the guilt one parent dumps on them by blaming the other one) but by lack of a honorable livelihood.

Too often one partner would rather keep the family together but the other one prefers to stick with so-called friends, mostly divorcees who want to prove themselves right too, and would rather die than submit to the common sense choice of making peace, and in those case the wounded partner, crazed by  pain and desperation, provides death, followed by successful or attempted suicide, whose clumsiness and failure may be intentional.

Google pizzarebbe, Pizza Rebbe, and Eliahu Gal-Or, follow the links in the signature below, to ask me any questions and be my Facebook friends to gain collective clout and help to pull out of the gutter anybody we can, and gaining strenght, insight and (for those who, including myself, believe in it) Heavenly Merit.

I started this blog now after a google check brought back to me this comment:

I look forward to posting here when I find the time, and to welcome those of your comments which meet the above condition.

With best wishes for all the holidays on your path you follow, and for cleanliness of the path you leave behind for those who may follow you and yours.

May the Farce be with you.

Eliahu Gal-Or

The Pizza Rebbe: AMEN, Association to Empower the Needy,

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