A few years ago, some of my fellow hippies started a movement called “Copyleft” whereby copyright is relinquished for the sake of a more thorough diffusion of the information published, in the spirit of Tikkun Olam; naturally the generosity was abused by appropriating the content without quoting the source, thus claiming authorship of the stolen goods, not to mention partial quoting, malicious editing, etc….

I then created and established the concept of “Copystraight”, whereby permission is given to quote or reproduce, but only verbatim and on condition of not isolating any statement from its context, which in effect allows for changing or reversing the meaning of what the original author intends to say; moreover, (re)publication is only allowed by attributing it clearly to the source, and indicating where it can be found.

The way to boost the coming intellectual economy is to share its fruits, and unlike finance, it is not a zero sum game; if I have a hundred Euro and give you ten, I am left with ninety, but if I give you all the hundredworth I still have them all while you benefit, therefore I have by sharing the info CREATED another hundredworth, which does not cheapen either estate. Futhermore, having shared it, just like in learning Torah, I have made possible intellectual progress and increased the content’s value by cross-fertilization of

A close example is that of invention and patent; a wonder drug spends years in the testing and patenting process while precious lives are lost for lack of a product which already exists and should be available, with Aids, NS, RP and many more as cases in point.

Twenty years ago I developed a physiotherapy system called “Ballastics” (google…), patented it and got it recommended by Wingate, but found no investors to produce the devices; I gave away a hundred samples and described it on <www.shuk.net>.

Speaking about the exerciser, my last prototype was confiscated just before boarding the plane home from Fiumicino Airport in Rome, because security claimed that it could be used as a weapon to hit someone with, as if a shoe would not be a weapon of the same ballistic potential…(that was last October and to get it back it will cost Euro 3.50 a day.

If you look at <www.bodyblade.com> you will see an industrially produced device based on that principle, and while they may have discovered it themselves I seriously doubt it; instead of (even if I had the means…) suing them, I am perfectly happy that it is being produced, as it develops a market I can always enter when I am ready to do so, and should they eventually sue me, my patent will protect me, but my next inventions are not patented: I invented a genetic diagnostic system and just gave it away to most main pharm
industries, because each life which it can save is worth more than any amount I can earn by hoarding it.

Feel free to consider me a fool, but G-d is providing for my needs regardless; when it comes to writing, I get exposure which makes it easier to sell my next intellectual product, and instead on letting my mind stagnate on what I have already written, I refresh it, and free it to write more, because art is a fire, and on its highest levels it satisfies the artist more than money can.