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Are you ready for the new economy? Ready or not, here it comes!!! It’s no longer a zero sum game, very unpleasant when the ZERO is on YOUR T-shirt… Now the rules of the game are being changed in the middle of it, and the sooner you learn them, the easier you will adjust to the idea that everybody else can have credit too! And produce wealth! The INTELLECTUAL ECONOMY is coming to a bank near you, and all the hippies you laughed at became millionaires by doing just what you had laughed at them for, now are having the last laugh, because they were the first to wean their EGO from validation by material goods.. The zero sum game has one basic rule: If I give you even a tiny part of what I have, I no longer have it, thus I hoard it instead, just in case, no matter how improbably, I could face a future famine; moreover, if instead of producing wealth I invest it in preventing you from producing more wealth, competing with you for artificially scarce resources, in other words I attach imaginary permanence to the long range ephemeral value of their substitutes: Cash, Gold, Art, Clothes, Antiques, Clothes, Real Estate to prove to those I ( would, if I were you, but I am not, hence I do not) hate (yes, you do, because you think they feel the same way about you…). Plenty more of reasons/excuses to hate can be found to hurt your health and pocket, because if you are not kissing all the butts you can to get your name in the newspaper which tomorrow will wrap fish, you eat your heart out when it’s your neighbor’s name being printed, and spread all the dirt you can on his/her name so you can feel that G-d loves you more because you made sure to be seen worshipping at the Mall (Wall…). Now the rules are changing and INTELLECTUAL ECONOMY makes abundance possible for everybody = If I have Cash or material goods worth NIS 100 and I give you NIS 50 of either without getting in exchange the same amount from you, one of us has lost and the other has gained, whereas if I have KNOWLEDGE worth NIS 100 I can give you the whole NIS 100, and not only I have my NIS 100 afterwards, but you have NIS 100 too, which have just been created by our sharing, thus we both have gained from the intellectual transaction and now we have an estimated 120 NIS each, and society has gained too, because its aggregate wealth has increased by NIS 140 NET (if one of us took the bus to reach the other to perform the intellectual transaction the return fare is deducted as cost, but if we shared our knowledge by e-mail the cost is negligible, and if I have imparted in this way my knowledge to 100 more blog subscribers, I have created ex nihilo 10.000 New Intellectual Shekels worth of intellectual wealth for society with almost the same investment of time, assuming all the 100 recipients have understood me completely, and if only 5 of them write back to me, at 20 NIS of knowledge that I gain from each, I have doubled my Intellectual Capital faster than by canning tomatoes. We have actually created in the barter process complementary knowledge neither of us possessed before the transaction, which did not hitherto exist, just like a couple which is strengthened by reciprocal love, instead of being weakened by indifference and idealization of a surrogate in the media image circus. This is what has happened in the intellectual realm for thousands of years of our history, whenever TORAH SH’B’ALPEH IS SHARED IN FRONT OF AN OPEN GEMARA, and yet so many of us are incapable of putting down the Torah when it is time to practice the teaching by LOVING THEIR NEIGHBORS! = SHARING THEIR KNOWLEDGE WITH THEM INSTEAD OF HOARDING IT UNUSED TILL ITS OBSOLESCENCE. Even if they are poor, sick, divorced, not dressed elegantly enough, hitch-hiker, Sephardi, Askenazi, right winger, left winger etc…

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