I am talking about the amazing confiscation of a blog by the State of Italy.

Italy is my home too, and I cannot remain silent about this blow to democracy I learn about from Beppe Grillo’s blog and feel bound to report to you; I ask you, especially you Americans, to see for yourselves at: http://www.beppegrillo.it/eng/2008/06/the_blog_and_freedom_of_inform.html and click on www.antoninomonteleone.it to get the screenshot of the police screenfiller and publicize it on all the blogs you know, until the State of Italy in the person of its constituted authorities gets ashamed of the “Brutta Figura” (poor appearance) it is getting, and uses, instead of suppressing, the information its citizens are entitled to obtain, possess and share.

An excellent and learned paper on the change blogs are bringing to society is:


it is in English and worth the time invested in reading it.

I am not at all concerned with the Antonino Monteleone’s message and the content of his blog, I am not taking sides in a political situation far removed from my eyes and access to evidence. But I cannot remain silent about his right to tell his side of the story, because by standing up to protect it I am also protect mine, and your freedom of speech, and unguarded freedom disappears in the blink of an eye. 

I just got spoiled about by living in the USA for five years in the wonderful Seventies, and after seeing so much progress made by Europe towards true democracy, can’t imagine the clock turning back, and yet I know that it can happen, that the next “Buonanima” is in this world right now, waiting for sleepiness at the rudder to unveil the Fascist fang on Italy’s neck, and no! It can’t happen, and it won’t unless we let it by letting down our guard; Italians can’t bend down and accept one centimeter of penetration which only opens the path to the next centimeter. I grew up spoiled by the best Espresso in the world, and there is plenty available: Sveglia Italia!!!


It is a dangerous precedent to be established in a country so much blood has been spilled to make it  a democracy, and the first test of a democracy is how freedom of speech is implemented; but one more principle is that even when veracity of any published statement is in doubt, due process demands that it be established by a court before any action be taken