Like I said before, but must say again to those who have not read it last time I am not taking a personal position against a power many heads of state have chickened out at when faced with the alternative.

Never the less I must say that I believe in, and support freedom of expression and offer warmly this space (not the blog one, which I don’t so far pay WordPress for my presence (considering a gamete’s food comsumption in proportion to that of the whale, or even flea it can become, it’s no sweat, but when this blog will have G-d Willing evolved technically into a multimillion eyeball business loaded with paid advertising. I will stll believe in, and support the right of my Facebook friend Tom Merilahti from Helsinki to say whatever he says there by publishing it here too, and of course of every Tibetan, Chinese and everybody else to speak and breathe freely.

To members of SICU Synergy Solutions Group (SICU SSG)

Dear all,

In about 7 weeks, on the night before the Olympic flame will be lit in Beijing, at least 100 million people all over the world will light a candle for a free Tibet. That aggregate flame will be brighter and will call for freedom in Tibet and in any other place in the world.

That is at least the vision of the organizers of “Candle in My Window for Tibet”. They tagged this world event: “Our opening ceremony of the Olympic Games”.

Mr. David Califa, who is the man behind this brilliant idea, has recently volunteered to assist the organizers in carrying their message:”Take part in our Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games. Light a candle for Tibet.

The basis of David Califa’s original idea and concept, Candle in My Window – for Tibet, is that it is an actual and spiritual act in where the internet is the vehicle to bring all people together. It needed support from a globally well connected professional and a virtual organization from the very beginning of the starting phase till the key event.

This was the reason of the very first contact by Mr. Califa as mentioned above. Because of his brilliant idea, our mutual values, experience and, first of all, the great and most important cause, we ended-up to start to collaborate immediately.

Now we encourage you to join us as well! We will do something really great and special. Together.

Join us today:, and invite all your friends and connections to join as well.

For more information, open