Shalom uBeracha,

Kerem Bnei Shlomo, the Cooperative Vineyard is coming together, and you are more than welcome to join us; you will find more details at


and at:

I am getting ready to travel to the US this week to find and interview more people there, so it would be hard but not impossible to meet you before I go; if you are in Tel Aviv I will be there Thursday morning for a n Entrepreneurs Meetup and am forwarding you the details in a separate e-mail, just in case you can make it there; I will B”H be back at the end of August.

I chose a different process to put together this community, after my experience gained in the founding years of Moshav Modiin: I am founding first of all an Agricultural, not a Residential Coop, in order to get hold of land which would otherwise be unobtainable in such an incredible location, and to get it much cheaper.

This means that before even applying for zoning changes, which become available after three years, coop members live elsewhere, with the advantage of not being committed to neighbors one might not eventually get along with; on the contrary, to plan by ourselves what we want the community to be, instead of having the planning done by outsiders, who generally speaking are not our peers, and not consider us theirs either, shoved willy-nilly down our throat.

My current estimate is as follows:

If there was available on the market agriculturally zoned land in the area I have chosen it would sell for a quarter million $ a dunam, but it is not, because those who hold any of it wait for the city of Modiin to expand closer, cause the zoning to be changed to residential and shoot its price up by 500 or 600 percent.

An agricultural cooperative can obtain a lease on 15 dunams per member for about 35.000 $ each, to be spent mostly on fees for the numerous offices involved, which also requires very extensive and expensive running around; land is not allocated to individuals in the area except maybe for well connected folk in the Negev.

One hand of the state takes, and another gives; the planting of a vineyard or other orchard requires a certain time before it can actually deliver the wealth it produces, therefore the Agricultural Ministry and other government agencies provide subsidies which should amount to several times the above sum.

Planning and presenting the plans costs much money too; divided among a potential 40 members but starting already with half that or even less in order to get it rolling, my estimated outlay per coop member is around $10.000, with 10.000 NIS to begin and the rest staggered along the path; this will be , besides operating expenses, to hire lawyer, accountant/economist, agronomist, surveyor and planning architect, with engineers etc… coming in the picture much later.

15 dunams = 15.000 sqm.,of which 10.000 will initially be planted with vines of the member’s chosen variety will hold about 5,000 trees which will give if properly cared for 5 or 6 bottles each at age 5 and maybe 10 or more when they are ten year old; I am also familiar with systemss used in my native Italy to increase yeld and quality, and will duly experiment with them when the time comes, should the Master of All Scripts allow me to live that long…and give my adventurous movie a happy ending; so far the soundtrack at least is quite nice, all I miss is a possibly Ferrari’s or Lamborghini’s driving seat.

No honestly, what I miss most of all is having a wife; I have been a sucker by being rushed into a divorce I could have avoided had I known better, but now thaat file is closed and it’s time for Ms. Next…Yallah.

As an adjunct to the wineyard a youth hostel is planned to provide space, besides hospitality, also for an Experimental Oeneological Center, to train coop members and others in agriculture, winemaking and ancillary arts; I believe we should gather a strong presence of  artists, scientists and spiritual seekers.

After three years it will be possible to have 10% of the land rezoned to residential and build our homes and communal infrastructure; that will have given us the time to grow together in a non-imposed situation and succeed where other communities have failed, preserving our independence from well meaning but incompetent meddlers who think that the only way we can have the right to exist is by giving up our values to replace them with theirs, which sadly enough, too often result in idealistic Jews packing their bags to go back to a diaspora where they feel freer to breathe and speak.

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