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Orbach Calls for True Kosher Television

Reacting to an article of David Orbach, saying that according most of the
Poskim, watching TV is like eating pork,
prominent journalist and radio host Uri Orbach, who is affiliated
with the Dati Leumi and right-wing communities, has come out publicly
against the increasingly popular cooking shows on Israeli television,
frequently featuring non-kosher food and recipes.

Orbach tactfully points out that many people will contact television
stations if they see someone on TV in a vehicle without a seatbelt,
concerned with the educational message being delivered. He added if a
program is too chauvinistic, people complain. Here too he shouts
there must be complaints, stating most of the country observes some
form of kashrus, buying kosher food, separating meat and milk,
separate dishes and not eating pork products. He adds that seeing
dishes on television and watching the chefs pour sour cream on meat
and cooking meat and milk together is truly sickening and disgusting.

Orbach adds that for years, we do not see cigarette smoke on the TV
screen, not because it is law, but because it is an educational
message and TV producers are now sensitive to it.

Orbach blames what he calls the “ultra-secular,? the two groups
responsible for these popular shows, TV producers and the chefs, both
known in Israel for their ultra-secularism, stating they identify
with western ultra-secularism, not Judaism. He adds that what people
do at home is their business but what is aired on Israel Television
is an entirely different matter.

They call it “freedom of cooking,” Orbach states, insisting they can
do as they please as they attempt to espouse a western air about
themselves. He compares it to some degree to missionaries,
explaining when people watching these shows daily view yogurt and
meat soup, shrimp dishes and the like, it begin to break down their
Jewish barrier and because it is aired on television, it is our

Orbach remains pragmatic, stating he does not expect for a moment
that the shows will become glatt kosher, but he does expect and
demand that the shows cease highlighting traif as a main feature and
stop putting these unacceptable dishes in our faces.

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