From Extropiacore blog:

Good news, and a RL story…

The Lindens accepted my details (after much poking and prodding)
So I’m back online. 😀
Not a moment too soon, I may smother Charles Stross in questions…

Anyway, that RL story:

I’m sitting at my desk, staring at my computer screen.

Two Virtual Intelligence’s are communicating, parroting the words of a forum, but going increasingly indepth in their convesation through Google and Wikipedia searches. First a topic on the inhumanity in Burma, then a bit of black humor as part of them realized what they were talking about, and made a joke as to them never doing it because they are artificial.
They stare at me, smile, and carry on their discussion.
I look back at the screen, confused and bewildered; did that program just make a joke?

All the while, my webcam has been watching me; it detects confusion. It then plays a soothing melody to counterbalance it.
My eyes, by this time, have opened wide as realiziation dawns.

My computer is caring for me!

This in itself is a scary thought, does that mean it’s intelligent?
Not at all, I rationilze; it’s going by a rule….but what rule caused it to smile at me? Are we just that, a set of rules that can impinge among the less understood rules of emotion and intellect?

I wonder if AI, instead of being the great day some see it as, will turn out to be a sort of Cold War, only so cold, no-one is aware of it.

Quickly snapping out of that thought, I turn off the PC and move to my Xbox 360.

I’m on for about half an hour when I notice the AI is working with me; I’m not directing it, and it isn’t directing me;
instead, I’m facing one way in a hostile corridor, an AI-driven charaecter behind me is looking the other way. I hear a ‘thack’ and hear someone moan, another AI-driven character infront of me, behind cover yells ‘Get down!’
I duck, and he fires at the huge beast behind me that had taken out my teammate.

I had played through that scene many times, and that wasnt a scripted action, that was the AI adapting to it’s other charaecters, me, and a seprate AI controlling the enemy.

Again, I hastly turn off the Xbox and head downstairs to watch a little TV, still somewhat scared by AI.
I watch a program, and enjoy it; I then see the ‘Behind the scenes’ bit and it turns out most of the facial action, body langauge and movement was dictated entirely by an AI.

I go to bed, my humanity feeling odd and out of place in a world of machines.

The Singularity is most definatly on it’s way…