From Beppe Grillo’s blog:

No one can judge me


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The blog is publishing the official letter, kept secret up until now, sent by Berlusconi to his letter-carrier Schifani. A scoop. Tar Head and His Retriever then agreed on a version for the Senate that would have made Ceaucescu blanche.

Dear president,
As you know, this morning the senators Berselli and Vizzini have presented in relation to the so-called “security decree” an amendment aimed at establishing priority criteria for handling the most urgent trials and those that cause particular social alarm. I want to underline that the trials relating to myself are neither urgent nor do they cause any social alarm. If that had been the case, Italian citizens would not have elected me, otherwise they would be idiots as in fact they are.
In that amendment, it established the absolute necessity to offer priority treatment by the Judicial Authorities to the most recent crimes even in relation to the modifications put into operation for fast track judging and immediate judging.
This subject area is well known to me and it has my disinterested approval. I can bear witness to this as a “prescritto” that knows the facts.
This suspension of a year will allow the magistracy to deal with more urgent crimes and not those that relate to my position and in the meantime it allows the government and parliament to put in place the structural reforms that are necessary to imprint an effective acceleration of the criminal trials, even with the full respect of constitutional guarantees, eliminating the court chronicles, imprisoning journalists and as extreme rationalization for the defendant, in the case of Silvio Berlusconi, to challenge the judges.
My lawyers, that I have had elected for my necessary protection in Parliament, have informed me that such an arrangement in the regulations would be applicable to one of the many fanciful trials (I swear on my children, that I have always been in the dark about the existence of this Mills) that the magistrates of the extreme Left have thought up against me for political battles. I am saying to you, in private, they are the usual shitty communists.
I have thus taken a view on the situation of trials and I have been able to make out that it is the umpteenth amazing attempt by a prosecutor from Milan to use the justice system for political and media ends, supported by a Tribunal that is also politicized and settled into the accusatory theory.
I am innocent. Craxi is an innocent dead man. I have not been a member of the P2. The registration number 1816 was assigned to a Freemason who had the same name as me. A P2-man, a “golpista”, a whoremonger. ”
Baciamo le mani, Silvio Berlusconi.