The Flying Jigsaw Puzzle®

Keep your eyes open this Fall. I’ve just signed a promotional jigsaw puzzle deal with the startup airline Suth’N’Air. The airline competes directly with low fare carriers like Southwest and JetBlue. The southern-styled airline’s discount tickets feature unique perks like shiatsu neck massagers in each seat, southern snack favorites like cornbread and boiled peanuts and, and flight attendants who sing folk songs accompanied by guitar on flights longer than an hour.

Suth’N’Air will begin operations with promotions centered around the US Thanksgiving Holiday in November. To kick off their new routes, they will be dropping 75,000 of our latest creation, “The Flying Jigsaw Puzzle®” over key metropolitan centers along the airline’s many routes. The first edition of these will be styled after wild turkeys, as a tribute to the pioneer spirit of Early America. The jigsaw puzzles are being assembled in Shenzhen Province right now and will feature a hunter’s call so that they will make a “gobbagobbagobba” sound as they glide to a gentle landing over Louisville, Nashville, Decatur, and other cities.

If you hear this sound, be sure to look up, for though the 3D Jigsaw Turkeys are 100% biodegradable, each carries a coupon for a free companion ticket aboard the new airline. Passengers who fly around the Thanksgiving Holiday will be treated to the fantastic sight of the promotional puzzle releases and will additionally receive their own Flying Gobbler puzzle to assemble on tray back tables during their flight.

Additional in-flight entertainment on the airline’s opening days will feature Disney’s Song of the South, a movie which hasn’t been released in more than 25 years but features the unforgettable “Zippety doo dah” song. Southern hospitality is the theme with iced tea and lemonade always available. Jack Daniels Country Cocktails are available at extra cost.

Check back here for travel deals around early November and I’ll be sure to post a picture of the new “Flying Jigsaw Puzzles” as soon as I get them. Save room for pie!