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This morning Dave McClure asked me before a panel at Supernova to come with an example of a great “liquid” conversation to show on the panel, and I did not hesitate a second to show a great conversation that happened recently in Seesmic around the g-spot, yes, that one. Watch it if you have not, it is hilarious.

Of course it was risky for me to show this in front of an american audience but it looks like the room enjoyed it. My main goal when I show up on a panel is to have fun and have the room have fun. Like you, I have been to so many boring panels that I hate to be boring when I am on stage. Sometimes I fail, but by focusing on having fun you generally enhance the experience a lot.

Hugh MacLeod and I discussed it and he sees himself as an “entertainer” when he goes on stage.

The above conversation happened on Seesmic. What we try to do with our two hosts Rachael and Sukhjit is to identify the most active conversations of the day and then if possible invite a guest or an expert to talk and bring value to the community. They also answer the users suggestions.

Melissa Gira asked me why we did not have a guest from the community and had to get an outside guest. What is “outside” I wonder, I guess Melissa meant somebody not on Seesmic. That is a very good question to be honest I think the answer is just that we had nobody expert about the g-spot on Seesmic. The room laughed when I said we could have invited Robert Scoble to be the g-spot expert but I doubted he would be an expert on this, people said why are you so sure?! This is totally right, I have no idea about Robert’s g-spot skills I should ask him. I invited Melissa to be our next guest on these topics, seriously.

Anyway, what I enjoy more and more on Seesmic is that the conversations there are very various and non geeks, they are just about anything. We are working hard on tools to help anybody understand what people are talking the most about and what their friends are talking about.