This post is just to tell you more about me, but please let me make one thing clear: I am not looking for a job, not even dream of getting one!!!

IN ISRAEL: House Ishuv Bldg. 106, Laboratory Bldg. 114, Me’Or Modiim, 73122 , ISRAEL

Mailing address: POB 31403, Jerusalem, 91313, ISRAEL

Mobile Phone +97254-9059329,

IIN HUNGARY: +3620-4131394

IN ITALY:                          ”      ”           +39331-7579329,

IN NETHERLAND: +31613-537182

IN SPAIN: + 34617-029205

IN THE UK: +44790=5805437

IN UKRAINE: +35050-6124586


Italian from birth, Israeli since 1978, French DJS; children all hold Italian, Israeli and USA citizenship.


Divorced in 2000 with two minor children not presently living with me, and five more above 18.


Active reserve duty from 1979 to 1995, Truck licence above 15 tons, Crane, fuel and explosive transport licences.


1948-20xx Self-educated and still very involved in intellectual pursuits, attended coursed and workshops in Non-profit management, Computer and Social Sciences, Reichian Psychology and Bio-energetics,Swedish Massage, many more too numerous to mention

1999-2001 Currently preparing for a Master’s Degree in Communications Sciences, via Satellite TV and Internet through the Italian University Consortium “NETTUNO” with completion planned for fall 2001.

1961-20xx Travelled extensively, visiting hundreds of events, trade fairs and conventions, mostly in the computer, electronics and communications media fields.

LANGUAGES speak: read: write: vocabulary:

HEBREW : 90% 65% 50% good

ITALIAN : 100% 100% 100% full

ENGLISH : 100% 100% 100% full

FRENCH : 95% 100% 100% full

SPANISH: 85% 95% 75% good

GERMAN: enough to carry a meaningful conversation but not sufficient for literary work

LATIN and GREEK : good grasp of legal and scientific jargons and semiology


Compensation flexible within boundaries of fairness, vehicle and end-of-the-year bonus.

I will work long hours and produce consistently, but will not derogate from my observance of Orthodox Judaism for any reason whatsoever, and will not be involved in anybody’s personal politics, nor seek to involve anybody in mine.


Please note: any seeming conflict of dates is due to the fact that I have often held two or more positions at the same time, in addition to running my own business (es)

2006-20xx Owner: “Luciano’s Hosteria Napolitana” in downtown Jerusalem

The results are yet to be seen, but this is, after my divorce which forced me to leave the first one behind, the second prototype of a franchisable Italian restaurant, this time in a meat and fish version; the osteria kind, which has been popular in Southern Italy, France, Spain and Greece for decades, if not much more, has just been discovered again in New York, and was featured in the last week’s edition of the “New Yorker” magazine: it consists of a single large table, in my case for 22 people, with the host sitting at the table’s head and introducing patrons to each other, to lead conversation and the socialization process, with the help of live entertainment and media access, including webcasting and streaming video, with occasional connection to other similar establishments around the world, as was pioneered in S. Monica, California by the “Electronic Café” and even sooner in 1976 in S.Francisco by me at the Museum of Conceptual Art (see below).

According to the principle of “Free Market Fusion”, this establishment shares its seating premises, during non-working hours, with the “Beit Midrash Ohel Hana” for Torah, Art and Science.

2004-20xx Owner and Sole administrator Lightwave International Mediation and Investment, Ltd, Jerusalem, Milano, Budapest

I Founded LIMI in Budapest in February 2004, to respond to the unique opportunity in Real Estate investment arising from the entry of Hungary and the other second tier nations into the European Union; having already observed the economic process unfold the first time around in Italy, France and Spain; my forecast has so far proven correct, with property values having already doubled since that date, and expected to go beyond another doubling by late 2008, with the additional rise in the Euro foreseen by me to reach the US $ 2.00 mark by then.

LIMI also continues the activity of LCS, which will resume independently B”H in early 2007: to search for international trade opportunities in international venues such as trade fairs, congresses and trade disputes, which are mediated as an independent third party; its main specialty is intermediation of intellectual property, but it also serves as a consultant to companies seeking representatives, agents or importers in another country, based on the trade knowledge and secrets gathered in over forty years of constant international travel and on my language, trade procedures and especially, my keen sense of smelling marketing opportunities.

1978-20xx Owner and sole administrator, Lightwave Communications Services, Ltd. Me’Or Modiim, Milano.

I founded LCS in 1978 to research and develop my invention of a high definition 3D-TV system using opto-electronic technology; at the time it was considered too futuristic, and factoring in my extended military reserve duty, the state of Israel’s economy for the next few years, and other social factors, I was unable to finance its development. I have also conceived hundreds of inventions, most of which are still valid for today’s markets and form Lightwave’s huge intellectual property assets;(see inventor below:), for immediate revenue the Company, an Israeli Limited Corporation since June 2000, is focused on a proprietary business model of a B2B e-commerce portal named and is the exclusive agent for Israel of Acquater SRL, an Italian firm producing specialized equipment for water exercise and physiotherapy..

1988-1999 Manager and Chef, Luciano’s Osteria Napoletana, Me’Or Modiim, Israel

In 1988 I designed Luciano’s as a franchisable prototype , well ahead of the development planned for the area, taking into account social and environmental factors in a much deeper manner than is normally found in an establishment of this type. Using an approach which included vegetables organically grown in the restaurant’s garden, special lighting and design, striving to create a group of friends rather than just occasional diners, who gather socially, with good food as an additional experience element .

1978-20xx Director, The Worldwide Community Switchboard (NGO) Jerusalem, Israel

I founded in 1978 and registered 1987 as a nonprofit corporation the Worldwide Community Switchboard, intending it as a resource to provide access to communications technology for the socially and/or financially handicapped creative people, to generate employment opportunities for those whose creativity is not legitimized by degrees, good clothes, and disposable income, therefore (catch 22) unable to join the system. Based on the theories of Adriano Olivetti’s Communitarian movement and Wilhelm Reich’s anti-fascist analysis, it seeks to compensate for emargination of the communication-handicapped, especially the geniuses hidden behind a Down’s syndrome physiognomy, autism or victims of stroke and other traumas misinterpreted as mental illness. I researched Brain Response Interfaces and active/reactive environments designed to pierce such barriers to productivity .

1991-20xx Founder, Modiin Vineyards, Me’Or Modiim, Israel

In 1977 I made aliyah to Israel as part of a group from S.Francisco,Cal. to found Moshav Me’Or Modiim: an organic agricultural commune whose religious leader, Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach ZZ”L , had been instrumental in helping most of us return to Judaism; the commonwealth was privatized in 1987 and I started the vineyard project in 1991, choosing fields which are ideally situated for the production of wine grapes, within the boundaries of an interregional project to promote a “Controled Denomination Seal” like the one issued to the Golan Region. Its 54 initial shareholders live, or have grown up , in Moshav Me’Or Modiim, are citizens of Israel above voting age and hold 27% of the shares, with another 14% being kept as a reserve for those who are not yet 18 years old, 10% as a charitable endowment, and 49% available to private investors through a unique business model.

1987 – 20xx Founder, Ballastic Systems Research and Development, Me’Or Modiim, Gibraltar

Ballastics is a new scientific approach to bio-energetics and preventive physiotherapy grown from my research on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; begun with experimental spring devices apt to simulate the effects of a water ballast in a dry environment, it led to a patent applied for in1990 on my first device, the “Universal Ballastic Exerciser” for which the Wingate Institute of Physiotherapy, after conducting its own experiments, granted a letter of recommendation. The market conditions are now suitable for its introduction, it is ready for mass production and am seeking investors for 49% of its shares; a book/CD-ROM instruction set is also at its final production stages,and will also feature the rest of my line of exercise equipment, designed but not built yet.

1983 – 20xx Owner, Lightwave Business Services, Jerusalem

Free-lance traveling promoter and dealer including import/export of professional motion picture and broadcast equipment, industrial food equipment and ergonomic lighting for computer work environments. .

1961 –20xx Inventor, Free-Agent

Conceived hundreds of patentable inventions and product designs, mostly in the fields of communications, computer workplace ergonomics, adaptive computer interfaces, and rehabilitative devices/processes.

1986-1978 Co-director, the Computer and Video Co-Op, Jerusalem

Provided community communications resources which included teaching various subjects at “the Jerusalem Skills Exchange” and producing audiovisual or printed documentation for private and institutional clients.

1979 Teacher of Photography, Negev Community College, Yeroham: Self-explanatory

1978 –1979 Audiovisual Media Technician, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Produced educational media at the Faculty of Education

1978 Assistant teacher, Bezalel Academy of Art, Jerusalem

Taught workshops and performances in the Video Art Dept.

1975 – 1976 Artist, Free-Agent, S.Francisco, Cal. and NYC.

Taught, produced and performed in Video and Conceptual Art.

1975- 1976 Co-director, The House of Love and Prayer, S.Francisco, Cal.

Operated a Jewish Communal Outreach Facility

1975 Owner, Camera One, S.Francisco, Cal.

Operated a news and photographic agency

1976 Conceptual and Social Artist,Museum of Conceptual Art, S.Francisco, Cal.

Exhibited the first (simulated) Cybercafe’ in the world.

1975 –20xx Social Designer, Free Agent

Designed and built Functioning Social Environments such as restaurants, stores and assorted work environments, based on deep research of all factors involved, and often many years ahead of current trends.

1973 –1974 Operator, The Piscean Connection, Tallahassee, Fla.

Operated a catering service for large Bluegrass and Rock & Roll festivals, Country Arts &

Craft Fairs in the SouthEastern U.S.

1970-1972 Lighting Operator, the Playstudio, Napoli, Italy

Theatrical Lighting Operator in a co-operative theatre.

1971 –1972 Film Cameraman and Photographer, Free Agent, Rome

Motion Picture cameraman and industrial photographer, producing catalogues,

documentaries, and one feature film.

1969 Photographer, Vancouver Life magazine, Vancouver, B.C.

Advertising and Architectural photographer

1967 Film Cameraman and TV Producer, Canadian Motion Picture Academy, Toronto, Ontario

Produced “Carosello Italiano”, a weekly TV variety show broadcast on CHCH, Hamilton, Ont.

1964 –1965 Press Photographer, Publifoto and Free Agent, Napoli

Photographed mainly news and fashion events, including freelance work with Vogue.

1963 Assistant Purser, S.S.Riviera Prima


1961 – 1964 Electronics Technician, Free Agent, Napoli

Radio and TV repairs in Napoli after completing at age 12 diploma in a correspondence course with Scuola Radio Elettra of Torino by building a functioning TV set (and most of its components).

I have had a rich and interesting life, fruitful in skills, talent and experience which could greatly enhance your productivity; may we meet in person at your earliest convenience?

Sincerely Yours,

Eliahu Gal-Or