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AMI 2008 Monetary Reform Conference at Roosevelt University, in Chicago, Sept. 25-28, 2008

Dear Friends,

The American Monetary Institute is proud to announce its 4th annual Monetary Reform Conference in Chicago. Our conferences have launched the modern grass roots movement for U.S. monetary reform and thereby World reform. Make your plans now to attend this important meeting in beautiful downtown Chicago. Our money system clearly needs a serious overhaul to secure economic justice and peace as we enter the 3rd Millennium. It’s evident that true reform, not palliatives, are necessary to  move humanity back from the brink of nuclear war; away from a World dominated by fraud, warfare and ugliness and toward a World of justice and beauty. The conference focuses on minimum initial steps to begin this process and put time on the side of humanity instead of against us. You may receive this announcement amidst very depressing news and events, but we urge you to avoid discouragement and instead join with us in this adventure to achieve positive results for America and the world.

Because the world is sliding into an unimaginable disaster in the Middle-East, this conference will again focus on how a privately controlled money system such as we presently have in the U.S. leads to warfare by providing the financial motivation for starting unnecessary wars. Several presentations will describe the banking mechanisms that lead to war and how to eradicate those flaws. Everyone has heard that banking and wars are related, but only a handful of people understand how.

A Different Kind of Monetary Conference

The situation in which knowledgeable monetary reformers find ourselves is that after years of studying monetary history and theory, we already know many if not most of the broad shapes that monetary reform should take. We know from experience that these views have stood the test of time and many challenges from those with less experience in the field or operating under misconceptions or pursuing non-reform agendas. Rather than merely arguing over these main themes, it is time for those of us who understand, to move forward to implement those elements that we know must be a part of good reform.

What are these broad national parameters supported by over 3000 years of history? That the control of money systems should shift away from private control toward governmental control. Away from commodity money notions; away from fractional reserve banking – monetizing private credits and loaning them into circulation at interest. Towards money issued interest free by government and spent into circulation for the common good. The system must be morally grounded in fairness.

Not seeking blind trust, we’ll continue educating and explaining why the proposals are beneficial and moral and continue to present the historical evidence demonstrating that. We’ll answer any serious challenges, and those arising from plain misunderstanding. We may invite selected spokesmen for differing reforms to succinctly present their case. But we’ll do it within a context of advancing the reform agenda, making necessary adjustments as we proceed. We won’t waste our participants time! Dissenters obviously don’t have to join in the reform phase; but neither need we procrastinate, waiting for all to experience their monetary epiphanies, before moving forward. The direction of world events requires that we begin a solid program now.

Themes of the Conference

Therefore the AMI annual conferences focus on three broad areas:

The Monetary Reforms:
The main focus of the conferences – Researchers will describe and make the case for the kind of monetary reforms advocated, presenting both the logical and historical basis for them, and the mechanics of implementing them. Extensive question and answer periods and panel discussions can air doubts or concerns regarding the desirability of the reforms and suggest refinements. Included will be discussions of research and thinking methodology. Two monetary reform acts will be analyzed including strategies for getting it supported.

Achieving the Reforms:
Selected Political, Social and Monetary Activists will give the benefit of their experience in educating, raising public awareness, organizing and motivating people and governmental bodies to influence public policy decisions

Using the Reforms:
Presentations on how a properly reconstituted money power within government will be effectively used to “promote the general welfare”. These will focus on several areas:

Infrastructure Programs including education and health, upgrading America’s crumbling infrastructure, including futuristic designs well within the reach of today’s technology and economy, to create hospitable, clean, cities of the future using 21st century solutions.

Educational proposals providing funding from sources other than middle-class property taxes.

Medical Care proposals which more effectively and fairly distribute the benefits of our medical technologies.

Farming Parity proposals for maintaining the existence of family controlled environmentally sound farming.
Each area identifies another constituency which will support monetary reform.

This conference is open to the public*, and to properly organize it the AMI requires a minimum donation of $295 per attendee; $525 (to include significant other). For early registrations postmarked by December 10 the minimum donation is only $195!  Postmarked by May 15th the minimum donation is $245. This includes substantial conference materials and aids, daily coffee breaks, a Get Acquainted Reception and a Celebration Dinner and beach barbecue. Hotel and travel costs are separate at group discounts. We say minimum donation because affluent attendees who want to help out with larger donations are strongly encouraged to do so. It enables us to extend attendance scholarships to students. Looking forward very much to seeing you and advancing monetary reform to the next level.

Stephen Zarlenga,               Please visit AMI’s website for latest conference info:

Director  http://www.monetary.org          

Conference Schedule at Roosevelt University, Chicago

Wednesday Sept. 24th from 6:30 PM to 9 PM:
Special Note: This year we’re presenting a Pre-Conference Free Session Introducing Monetary Reform including: Why its necessary; How our money system was improperly privatized; A 3 step program to bring it under societal control; Why this need not be inflationary; and How history shows far superior results from governmentally controlled money systems than from private ones. This session is especially designed for Chicago area residents, but conference participants, especially for background information are welcome also. There will be no charge, and yes light refreshments will be served.

Thursday Sept. 25th Registration from 9 AM. (and the prior Wednesday evening from 6 PM to 8 PM)

1 PM to 6 PM    Presentations, coffee break.

7 PM   Conference Reception with wine, juice, cold cuts and cheeses

Friday Sept. 26th 9 AM to 7 PM       Presentations; break for lunch; refreshment breaks

Saturday Sept. 27th 9 AM to 6 PM       Presentations; refreshment breaks.

7:30 PM                 Dinner party, with keynote presentation

Sunday Sept. 28th 9 AM to 12 PM     Presentations & discussion – Conference adjourns until September 2009.

1 PM to 5 PM       AMI hosts a Sunday afternoon Beach Barbecue at North Avenue Beach.

Each day will begin with coffee, tea, muffins, bagels, jams, fruit, etc, served half an hour before the talks start. After the conference AMI hosts a Beach Barbecue at Chicago’s renowned Oak Street Beach. For the athletically inclined, and if Lake Michigan co-operates, we’ll have a Magnificent Mile Swim Challenge (and an alternate mile “Walk”). Those completing the swim receive the prestigious (and well-earned) AMI Magnificent Mile Swim Club T-shirt.

The Conference (and Reception and Dinner) are at Roosevelt University at 430 S. Michigan Ave. in the heart of Chicago. The University’s facilities seat attendees in comfortable classroom type seating, using narrow tables.

Choose your own accommodation level from 4 nearby Hotels: (AMI will help assign attendees who want to share rooms)

All prices quoted are after 15% taxes. Mention the AMI Conference when making reservations.

1) The Travelodge Hotel Downtown at 65 E. Harrison; Closest hotel – only one block from Roosevelt University. Exactly $68 per person double occupancy ($135 single), after 15% taxes. Make reservations now! Cut off date for reservations at this rate is September 8th – no exceptions! You must ask for Darren Andrews only, 312-376-1481. and mention the American Monetary Institute Conference. This is where I’ll (S.Z.) be staying. Your credit card holds the reservation but is not billed until after your stay. www.travelodgehoteldowntown.com
The travelodge also offers larger suites with kitcheonettes at $156 Single, $78 per person double occupancy.

2)  ONLY $33 PER NIGHT!!! The HI Chicago Youth Hostel at 24 E Congress Pkwy, across the street from Roosevelt University. These modern, clean, secure, dorm style accommodations (6 to a room, with lockable lockers, bring your own lock) are only $33 per night. There’s no age limit, no curfew and no membership required! A number of our attendees stayed here comfortably. It enables us to also strongly promote the conference to a young audience, who may not have much money, but have great social commitment to creating a better world than we are handing them. We’ll help them do that. We will arrange to have several dorm rooms for attendees of the conference. Call 312-583-2225 for reservations. Mention the AMI Conference. http://www.hichicago.org

3) Chicago’s Essex Inn at 800 S. Michigan Ave, features a large indoor/outdoor pool, and health club which opens onto a tree landscaped terrace with seating overlooking Chicago’s Grant Park and Lake Michigan. A reasonably priced hotel for this area (Approximately $100-$105 per person per night,double occupancy- make reservations early). Your credit card holds the reservation but is not billed til after your stay.  Reservations at 1-800-621-6909. http://www.essexinn.com

4) The Original Conrad Hilton Hotel at 700 S. Michigan, for those desiring some extra stars, at $295 per room, double occupancy; add $30 for triple occupancy, $55 for quadruple, before taxes. Reservations are at 877-865-5320. Mention the AMI Conference.

The AMI speakers have received great praise from participants. There’s opportunity for interaction with speakers as most will be present all 4 days. Please watch the AMI website for fuller descriptions of their talks and backgrounds.

The Following Speakers addressed Previous AMI Conferences:

This years speakers will be posted as they confirm.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich, major proponent of economic justice and possible future President of the United States of America;
Michael Hudson, UMKC professor and PBS commentator on reforming the international payments system.

Prof. Paul Davidson, University of Tennesee Economics Department (and Editor, Journal of Post Keynesian Economics), speaks on the Necessary Elements of International Monetary Reform.

Brian Leslie, one of Great Britain’s most advanced monetary reformers and economic thinkers; Editor of the monthly Green Party publication “Sustainable Economics,” on  Monetary Reform and Sustainable Economics.

Robert Blain, Professor, Southern Illinois Univ., author and inventor, Original instigator of the Ithaca Local Money movement will speak on  Democratic Money: The Antidote to Empire.

Dr. Dieter Braun, Department of Applied Physics, Ludwig Maximilians Universität, Munich, Germany presents a paper demonstrating The Magnifying Effect of Interest Rate upon Wealth Concentration, and how Fractional Reserve Banking is Based on Erroneous Accounting Methodology.

James Gibb Stuart, founder and Alistair McConnachie of the Bromsgrove Annual Conference in Birmingham, Scotland, known as the Grandfather of British Monetary Reform, and recipient of the American Monetary Institute Lifetime Achievement Award will address the conference on Working Together to Achieve Reform.

Charles Walters, founder and Editor Emeritus of ACRES USA environmental farming Magazine. Charles is one of the wisest men in the United States; and advisor to the AMI and recipient of the AMI Lifetime Achievement Award. He will speak on some of the most essential elements of monetary reform and its relation to agriculture and the sun.

Robert Poteat, long term and meticulous monetary researcher, certainly among the top half dozen in America in awareness of monetary systems, and leader of the AMI Chapters in Portland and Seattle and Centralia WA, will discuss The Facts and Mythology of Inflation. Why inflation need not be a problem in a properly structured monetary reform, and the elements needed for that result.

Richard Distelhorst, long term monetary researcher and activist (another in the top monetary leaders in America) recipient of the AMI Lifetime Achievement Award, and leader of the AMI Chapter in Burlington, Iowa speaks on How Much Real, Permanent Money Needs to be Spent into Circulation and How U.S. Taxpayers will benefit, as we move to a constitutional Money System.

Dr. Ed Chambers of the Industrial Areas Federation (IAF) America’s leading specialists on organization building for progress and justice (evolved from the Saul Alinsky Group) will again show us how Power results from organized money or organized people!

Ole Mackeprang, European Financier discusses “Money Systems & Warfare; and will update us on practical changes the Euro has brought about. He has worked in 62 countries, principally France, Germany, Italy and Spain (Banque Rothschild and Banque de l’Union Parisienne).

Ben Gisin, of Agricents, publisher of Touch The Soil magazine describes how monetary policy is wrecking agriculture and presents his latest research on the mechanics of the Federal Reserve System.

Mr. Ken Bohnsack, Founder of the Sovereignty Proposal to loan US money interest free to local government on a per capita basis for infrastructure, to which 3,300 governing bodies supported, and recipient of the AMI Lifetime Achievement Award, will speak on “If The Federal Government Created the Nation’s Money Supply.”

Prof. Nic Tideman of Virginia Tech (formerly Senior Economist on the President’s Council of Economic Advisors) on reforming the Distribution of Wealth;

Dr. Cay Hehner, Director of the New York Henry George School of Social Science Discusses the Problem and Long Term Effects of Adam Smith, as Compared to Henry George or Karl Marx.

Norman Ehrentreich speaks on The Relevance of Sylvio Gesell’s Monetary Ideas.

David Hershey, leading pension fund advisor/manager, on the superior monetary work of Arthur Kitson, brilliant UK  businessman, inventor and theorist who helpd shape Roosevelt’s depression era reforms.

Randy Cook
, Executive Director of National Organization for Raw Materials will discuss farm parity programs.

David E. Kelley noted pensions expert and economic advisor will present concepts for achieving economic justice.

Stephen Zarlenga Director of the American Monetary Institute and author of The Lost Science of Money book and A Refutation of Menger’s Theory of the Origin of Money, speaks  on progress at the American Monetary Institute, and the direction of monetary reform in America. He will also present the talk he is preparing on monetary reform at the invitation of the Green Party for their upcoming National Convention in Reading Pennsylvania, called “Greening The Dollar”

The following Banking and Financial Committee lawmakers will be invited in 2008:

Senator Christopher Dodd, Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, and contender for the 2008  Democratic Presidential nomination;

Congressman Louis Gutierrez, Chairman of the House Financial Services Subommittee on Domestic and International Monetary Policy;

Congressman Ron Paul, Member of the House Financial Services committee and contender for the Republican Presidential nomination. The only presidential Candidate who has publicly stood up to the power of the Federal Reserve System.

A Speaker will also be invited from the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.

Chapter leaders will report on the developing AMI Chapters in formation around the U.S. and discuss what works in attracting and educating fellow Americans on reforming the money system. Our goal is to establish one chapter in each Congressional District.

The American Monetary Act, and The Monetary Transparency Act, Ami’s proposed monetary legislation will be discussed in detail:  including how to gain support for monetary reform.

To understand how good these conferences are, please see the report on previous conferences at our website, or get the audio CDs of the 2006 conference (see registration form below). Those who attended will tell you how wonderful and encouraging it was to be together with others who understand the vision for monetary reform. It’s a valuable experience of much needed “community.”

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2008 AMI Conference Registration Form

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Enclosed is my $______ registration donation for the 2008 AMI Monetary Reform Conference in Chicago September 25 to 28, 2008. Minimum donation $295 per person. Student/activist Discount is $175,
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There are no “at the door” registrations.

Early Registration Discount if Postmarked by August 1st is $265.

(An 80% refund is available until May 15th, and will afterward be pro-rated downward to a 20% refund after September 1st)

*The American Monetary Institute as part of its responsibility in sponsoring the Conference reserves the right at its sole discretion and without public or private explanation, to restrict attendance at this Conference to persons it considers will enhance the purposes of the meeting, as detailed above. Participants should understand and be in agreement that the conference will stay focused on monetary system questions and will not be diverted into other areas.

For excellent pre-conference reading: (Many conference presentations assume this book has been read)

___ Please send me a copy of The Lost Science of Money book by Stephen Zarlenga. Enclosed is my check for $68 ($60 plus $8 S & H) [All foreign shipments are now by airmail at $22 per book (total $90) – a post office requirement].

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