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    During his lifetime, he became the third most famous man in the United States, behind Thomas Edison and Mark Twain. His supporters included Leo Tolstoy, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill and John Dewey, to name a few. Here’s our Henry George quote of the day, and here is more on George’s life and work. NEW! Read The Life of Henry George online.


    A group of savvy students from the Big Apple think they know why their town faces so many powerful problems. Can YOU handle the truth?

    Since 1971 the Henry George Institute has offered a three-course series that surveys fundamental principles of political economy. Now the full series is finally available on the Web! Students who have completed Understanding Economics are invited to enroll in Applied Economics: Globalization and Trade and Economic Science.


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    Cost of the War in Iraq


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    All of a sudden, oil moves way, way up. Whose demand just jumped so high? Whose supply suddenly dropped so low?
    Why Oil Prices Are So High

    Only five justices supported habeas corpus, one of the oldest bedrocks of our defense against a state turning dictatorial.
    US Supreme Court — Not a place to court democracy

    Some nations’ top leaders get ahead of the parade that’s marching for a people/planet balance.
    Seven advances on the long road to eco-librium

    We are undergoing a coup d’etat in slow motion. We are one or two terrorist attacks away from a police state.
    Chris Hedges: America’s Democratic Collapse

    Like a bad moon, the cost of living has taken off, due to bad public policy.
    Fred Foldvary: Inflation Rising



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