In our free world, every person is allowed to find his way on his own. Some may chose a religion and some may oppose God, prophets and religions. That’s their choice of course. Generally opposing against religions have a long history and Esp about Islam which gives a political outlook, it could always be a challenge for different governments.

However What we see nowadays, are some new waves inside the muslim world that intended or unintended plays a strong role alongside the wave of Islamophobia. Some acts by those muslims whom under name of religion, God and Shari’a, are spreading beliefs and costums which are not based on fact and reality of religion.

What they are doing, in fact is as harmful as islamophobia or maybe more. For spreading superstitious beliefs can give the opportunity to others for humiliating and insulting Islam then as a proof, show the acts of those groups of muslims.

For example, the Danish cartoonist for showing the face of the prophet, has featured the style of people like Mulla Umar, Al Qaeda leaders or some rare extremist scholars whose belief is not belief of the rest of muslim world.

Accusing prophet of Islam as a terrorist prophet, and Islam as a terrorist religion, which spreads violence, murdering, humiliating women, and ignoring the human rights, those acts are obviously in the document of those extremist and dogmatic groups who stamp the title of “Muslimness” on their traits. The same goes for islamophobic movies, articles, and reports. Just imagine how many of them have been written after foundation of Taliban and Al-Qaeda?

Since most people in the world believe what they are shown, they consider the inhuman behaviors of those so-called muslim groups as Islam and they relate all of them to the lifestyle of all muslims.

Leaders of those groups commit suicide bumbing attack and murder many innocent civilians, behead them, rip their stomach, or cut off their hands, and then call themselves followers of the prophet. When there is a sample, it’s not really difficult to make too many stereotypes of it. Like the last one, Fitna.

In some scenes in this movie you would see Iraqi Shiite Children whose moms are injuring their forehead in the mourning of Imam Hussain (an act which is considered as self-injuring and haram) or you would see executing an Afghan woman by Taliban in a football stadium in Kabul. This movie doesn’t have a scenario. It’s just putting pictures together, from beheading westerners by Al-Qaeda, Saudi scholars’ extremist talks and murdering the dutch anti Islamic director by a moroccon muslim and vice versa.

What’s really miserable to know, that the texture of this kind of movies is based on behaviors of some muslims that call themselves the loyal followers of the prophet and the example of perfect human mentioned in Quran!

There is a persian saying that says: “That’s from us, what comes upon us”. As a Shiite or a Sunni, as a Muslim, there are so many traits nowadays that have roots in superstitions and unjustly are attached to Islamic beliefs. I call this Muslimness, and not Islam. What i am done with it too.

Nowadays being a muslim is the most difficult job to do. When you don’t seem a muslim, you’re accepted by some people and are rejected by some others. On the other hand, when they find out you’re a muslim, you may face some unpredictable reactions. They may reject you or accept you as :”Oh you’re a religious woman. But you seem ‘normal’ !” And you may be banned to sit behind the place that Obama is lecturing, bcs that’s front of camras and you have a hijab.

I agree that powerful media always tries to find the dark points and obscure side. But “That’s from us, what comes upon us”.
Hiding under lebals and “Symbols” and submiting everything in the name of religion without a true understading is a big betrayal too and it harms us, our lifestyle and our beliefs, more than those whom we wrongly consider them as out of place.

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  1. johnnypeepers Says:
    June 22, 2008 at 8:38 pm “Radical Islam” is the modern pejorative used by the other two Abrahmic faiths to sew hatred and discord among the world’s inhabitants. All religions have a small minority who justify horrendous acts of violence in the name of actual (or perceived) oppression. The salviation/redemption precepts of patriarchal religions give these minorities a perceived license to murder, maim, and destroy in the name of their beliefs.

    The majority who reject these views are unfairly categorized with the extremists. The media’s narrative ignores vicious crimes in the name of Christian, Jewish, and other religious-inspired violence since it does not fit the anti-Muslim play book. Countless millions (if not billions) have fallen prey to this psychological brainwash trauma that is used to control the ignorant masses.

  2. Marahm Says:
    June 22, 2008 at 8:39 pm What you say is basically true, but it doesn’t go far enough. Terrorists and murderers need to be murdered themselves, on the spot, by Muslims who do practice the faith. Why is this not happening? Why have “Islamic” terrorists cropped up year after year after year? Where do they come from– the Bahamas? The repetitive nature of these crimes suggests that the Ummah maintains a certain toleration.

    Anyone who apologizes for them and blames the occupation of Palestine, war in Iraq, etc. is making excuses.

    As long as these acts continue to be perpetrated without a multi-level, multi-national, counter-strike BY MUSLIMS, the religion of Islam will be vilified, and I don’t blame Obama for not wanting to see hijabis in front of the camera.

    And Allah knows best; istaghfiruallah if I am wrong.

  3. Achelois Says:
    June 22, 2008 at 10:05 pm I agree with Marahm. Terrorists whould be shunned and killed by Muslims. I said once that a terrorist is no brother of mine and some idiot strated raving how as long as I am Muslim any terrorist a***h*** is my brother and I should not shun my brother! It is people like these – terrorists and their crazy supporters that give Islam a bad man. Of course then there will be cartoons and movies and propaganda.

    Sometimes I wish I could live in a remote mountain like Heidi. Argh!

  4. Shahrzad Says:
    June 22, 2008 at 10:21 pm I agree with johnny that there are extremists in any groups and based on my personal experience, most of extremists have same traits and point of view towards others. If there is an extremist christian, we never generlize all christians based on that particular one. Again it’s the way of media focusing on muslims in this or that way.

    Those terrorists harmed spirit of Islam so much and i completely agree that muslim world need to get rid of them as soon as possible. It’s what muslims should do by own. Unfortunately there is no Unity among muslims to completely reject them and throw them out the community.

  5. Shahrzad Says:
    June 22, 2008 at 10:22 pm Achelois, Sometime ago i wished to be another Heidi in a remote mountains. Now i prefer to go to moon. Somewhere out the earth!!
  6. Charlene Farber Says:
    June 22, 2008 at 11:14 pm I am of the small voice of ppl in the States who does see Muslims in a negative light. Almost everyone I know sees Islam in a poor light, and one claims that Islam does support violence because he read a — English!! — version of the Qu’ran.

    I do not know what is haram or halal, what Sharia or the Qu’ran say personally. All I know is that I hate it when people stereotype or generalize me, so I try not to do it back. I have met Muslims from all over Islam, it is just as diverse as Christianity.

  7. Eliahu Gal-Or Says:
    June 23, 2008 at 8:48 am One of the benefits of blogging is that people like us discover each other, realize that they are not alone in speaking for reason, and when two, or of course more candles shine in thesame darkness their combined illumination adds up to more than the sum of both lights because each one, being apart from the other, dispels the darkness from a different angle.
    Flat lighting, from a single point gives a flat image, just like seeing with one eye only, when you add the second you can see relief, or depth, Z axis, which is the same thing in the opposite direction.

    G-d’s names are infinite but they all mean love, and he did not create us to destroy each other senselessly but to make room for H-s presence in the act of love, which when performed in true holiness begets one or more soul into this world to prove and acknowledge H-s existence and love.

    I am happy to meet all of us here as long as we last, to have a good laugh at the …ists of whatever they are …ists at, especially atheists, the most fanatical religion I have ever met, and the othersideists who would rather kill than love.

    So I am posting about your blog on mine, invite you all to post about mine in yours too, and if not all the attention we attract is of the nice kind, so what, that is what believing in G-d is all about; I am a Jew, and in G-d’s orchestra I am but one instrument in the current simphony; there are so many and I trust H-m unconditionally with the full score, because if I had to spend my time learning what has not been written for me to play I would not be able to perform my part, and ruin the whole simphony.

    So I am not an expert in the Holy Quran, and must hazard an educated guess: That G-d spoke to Muhammad to I do not doubt nor thah H- was heard; what I doubt is that in the myriad of interpretation between oral and written translations something was lost, and that is the attention to H-s attribute of mercy.

    No matter what G-d is One an H-s name is One, and the whole orchestra is following the beat of H-s baton; me too, you too, let’s sing and dance in joy and shine with our so many more candles, because one more thing that a lit candle can do besides emanating its light is to light more unlit candles. The flowers do it with their smell, the bees with their dance. Let us not be afraid to sing and dance G-d’s glory together, loud enough to be heard.

    I say it here in my language:

    שמע ישראל, י*הו*ה א*להנו, י*הו*ה אחד

    and it means: Listen o Israel G-d our G-d, G-d is One

    for those on this blog who are not Jews:

    Please post in your language and tradition the way you say the same thing, the way you acknowledge G-d’s Oneness.

    This way we can teach each other, about what we agree on , how to agree even better; to accept and acknowledge that violin, viola and bass have nothing to envy each other of fear each other about because it is the difference in their size that offers a wider harmonic range that any of them could achieve alone.

    Like my Rebbe Reb Shlomo Carlebach of Blessed Memory used to say: “Friends, thanks for the harmony, but please, let it be my melody!”

    Peace to the far and the near,
    Eliahu Gal-Or the Pizza Rebbe (ask me why…; try google too)

  8. عمار – aMmAr Says:
    June 23, 2008 at 12:57 pm Point well raised Shahrzad, but when was it easy to be a Muslim. Muslims were killed by those who claimed themselves as Muslims long time back in the era of the Imams. Now the same ppl who practice the similar shcool of thought are imposing, notrying to impose their religion on us.

    But those who strived then are striving now. And the examples are infront of us.

  9. AbuSinan Says:
    June 23, 2008 at 5:42 pm It is sad to say but the time is soon coming, if it isnt here already, where Muslims themselves will have to rise up and strike down those who do evil in our name. It is sad when it would seem most Muslims are happy to let outside forces try to clean up our religion.

    I know I would refuse to live under the rule of those who spread their evil in places like Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Muslims need to either clean up their own issues or accept the fact that others are going to try to do it for us and kill a lot of good people along the way.

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