Steve Verbist -Belgium posted the following topic:
Fundraising for Spirit of Freedom International NGO
Looking for warm hearted people who will co-finances my dream.
My name is Steve Verbist. It is my dream for a long time to run a charity organization, but I realized that I need some financial help to realize my dream and many other dreams of the people in the world by creating chances for changes.
Spirit of Freedom (SoF) is a brand new international NGO to support humanitarian en social projects all over the world. SoF has a few people who work for the NGO and we have a lot of support from our volunteers. The Iceberg is the main business sponsor of our foundation. Our NGO is recognized by the Belgium Government, if you want, you can see this recognition on the website 
We believe that every human being has the right to live in freedom. Freedom means for us: living in love and with respect, having the chance to make free choices in life to improve the quality of living. For this freedom the basic needs have to be present in somebody’s life. The key of our vision is creating chances for transformation and support the idea of a sustainable society.
Our mission is creating chances for personal growth and development for all human beings in the world. This by supporting people with less possibilities caused by diseases, poverty and accidents. Helping orphans, war victims and think about the future generations through development and education of young people and children.
My question
Due to the fact that many people and children in the world need some help, we need a lot of those charity organizations everywhere in the world. For this reason I started with this charity organization. I hope you will support my dream, our organization, to co-finance our projects, our foundation or to be our ambassador (promoter of our NGO) or become our main sponsor. To convince you that my intention is sincere, I will keep an open bookkeeping published in the financial report where you can see everything what comes in and what is spend for which purposes. You can get an overview of our foundation and its work through our newsletter published on our website.
If you decided to support us, here you find our bank account details. We work with a bank who promotes social responsibility and a sustainable society. If you want to be our ambassador or our main sponsor, please let me know, so we can make practical arrangements.
Spirit of Freedom International NGO
International account nr – IBAN: BE23 5230 8027 8891
BIC-code: TRIOBE91
The more support we get, the more chances we can create in this world!
Warmly regards and thank you for reading this letter,
President of SoF
Steve Verbist