Why do I Eliahu Meir ben Avraham Chaim,

who publicly declares his belief in the

One G-d of Israel, and who publicly and

privately observes H-s commandments,

publicize this?

Because I believe in their legitimate right

to debate their belief in a civilized way, as

long as they recyprocate by accepting the

legitimacy of my right to debate mine, or

admit to holding a double standard!

Alea Iacta Est! ( est,est,est… ).

Eliahu Gal-Or, quoting ________

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Message from Larry Jones, IHS President

June 23, 2008

Dear Friend of IHS,

Matt Cherry resigned from his position as executive director

of the Institute for Humanist Studies, effective June 23, 2008.

Cherry served as executive director since 2000. The Institute

thanks Cherry for his contributions and achievements during

the last eight years.

IHS will continue with its programs, including our weekly e-zine,

monthly podcast, online courses, media outreach and activism.

Our staff looks forward to providing you with more of our quality

programming on our regular schedule.

For updates on IHS, be sure to read our Humanist Network News

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Larry Jones, President
Institute for Humanist Studies

The Institute for Humanist Studies promotes nonreligious

perspectives on social, political and ethical issues and

serves as a resource for and about the humanist community.

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