By Guy Grimland, TheMarker Correspondent
Tags: paparazzi, Israel, start-up
Attention celebrities – this technological development is designed for you. The Israeli start-up company PhotoFree is developing a product that will block or ruin photographs taken by any digital camera within the radius of the system. This means that celebrities hounded by paparazzi photographers can now prevent them from actually snapping their pictures.

The Israeli company is currently making its first steps after having raised some $900,000 in start-up capital. The money has been invested by Israeli company Ofakim Hi-Tech Ventures (OHV), which is owned by Capital Point, as well as private investors.

The company says that the new product is based on wireless technology that can distort digital stills and video in a way that prevents the images from being reconstructed or reused. The technology is not limited to confined spaces, but rather works in any space covered by the company’s system.

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