White deaths and blowjobs at work


Samanta Di Persio has written a book entitled “Morti bianche” (White deaths), which will be published soon on this Blog, free of charge. She sent me the testimony provided by Mrs. Franca, who is battling (unsuccessfully I might add) to get some sort of justice for her husband and her son who were both killed at work, and she is fighting against statute barring, pardons and “ad berlusconian” laws.

People are dying at work, but the real problems facing the country concern blowjobs.
“Today the workplace fatality counter stands at 533 victims and the real bitterness lies in knowing its destiny, because it is destined to increase. The present Government, like the previous one, are to busy with other things. They would have us believe that the real emergencies needing to be addressed do not include the deaths of men and women that are simply exercising their right to be able to take home a piece of bread. We are stuck on the issue of tapped telephone conversations proving that, today, the primary objective is to recommend certain dancing girls, actresses and ballerinas …but we are not entitled to know all the details … However, who will explain to Mrs. Franca Mulas that the world is running back-to-front, that those who make the mistakes will never be called to account, and that those who have lost a husband and a son will never see justice done, in addition to never having received any form of compensation. Our dearest Prime Minister, the prosecuted one who spends every Saturday afternoon with his attorneys, emerges unscathed from all the court cases, statute barred, “ad personam” laws, pardons and all. The sweetener is some or other legal decree, consolidated act or sneaky little law, no matter whether or not, or if they are ever applied, meanwhile, life on Earth is very different.
Gianfranco took Franca away from their native Sardinia so as to be able to provide a better life for their family. They arrived in Bergamo. He found a job in the building industry and his 17-year old son Luciano is engaged as well. This is a large family and everyone must do their bit in order to maintain a certain dignity.
Franca: “On 28 April 2000, Gianfranco and Luciano left home early in the morning. They had to get to Briosco (Mi) to renovate an old wooden roof. My husband was driving the crane and, at around 07h30 he loaded a batch of beams, which were wet and came loose from the crane. There were two men working under the load at the time. He shouted at them to jump out of the way. One of them managed to jump aside, but the other was struck head-on and died immediately. That other person was my son Luciano. He was 22 years of age at the time. Following the accident, my husband was charged together with the company partners. I won the case and I won the appeal case, but still no one has compensated me for the damages I suffered. In addition to the pain I have suffered, I have also had to pay out tens of thousands of Euro in attorney’s fees.” Franca’s life was not only turned upside down by the tragic death of her son, because a little more than one year later, another tragic event was about to occur. “Over a number of days my husband had been working at Varese, once again on a renovation project. He had told me that the scaffolding they were obliged to work on was not up to standard and he asked me to call the ASL (National Health Service) to get them to send over one of their technicians to do an inspection. I called them and they responded by registered mail, stating that they did not have any staff available to carry out the inspection. On the 23rd July one of the platforms flipped and my husband, who had been standing on the scaffolding at the time, was thrown off. The 15-metre fall tore him away from me just like my son had been earlier.”

Now Franca is all alone, attempting to raise 5 children and having to endure the hardships of two court cases. One of these, scheduled for December, will be statute barred by that time. This is a woman in anguish, resentful because she had been hoping for some sort of justice. She has had to endure being told: “You have had two family members killed on the job, heaven alone knows how much money you have received!” Franca has received no compensation and indeed no justice either. At the time of the last hearing, the Public Prosecutor had forgotten to notify the witnesses to attend the hearing. Not even a newly graduated attorney would make such an elementary mistake. Nevertheless, using this calibre of person is precisely the reason why so many cases are eventually dismissed due to the expiry of the statute of limitations. There are many other cases that are precisely the same as Franca’s, sufficient to say that each year there is an average of 1300 workplace fatalities, few of which are ever afforded nearly the same media attention as that afforded to the Thissenkrupp case, which has certainly helped to ensure that the investigations are expedited in order to reach a speedy verdict, rather than being forgotten. No one will ever be able to give Franca back her heroes that died on the job.” Samanta Di Persio

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