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“North Macedonia”? Another pogrom for the Macedonians?

By Dr. Stojadin B. Naumovski

Editor of Macedonia.tv (www.makedonija. tv)

Translated and edited by Risto Stefov

rstefov@hotmail. com

July 5, 2008

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A commentary on the news regarding the new proposals in the talks between the Republic of Macedonia and Greece

Recently news networks have been full of stories, commentaries, news.in regards to the “name” talks between the Republic of Macedonia and Greece.

The faces of Matthew Nimitz, Julian Milovanovich and Erwin Fuere have become a common occurrence, a décor of daily life as they appear everywhere “preparing the public” for changes to come, changes designed to assail our national identity and the constitutional name of our country. Some mediums such as “Elefteros Typos” from Greece have even “created” news. Elefteros Typos, for example, published an article on the A1 television website on June 30th, 2008 implying that the latest “name proposal” was initiated at the “insistence of the United States of America, which in fact it was not!

Putting Greek propaganda aside, the Macedonian people have a right to the facts and to know the truth about all this because their identity is at stake.

The few in Macedonia who have read Anatoly Sharinki’s new book “Protect your Identity” (©2008 ISBN: 9781586485139) know the value of one’s identity. The characters in Anatoly Sharinki’s (the Jew dissident from the Soviet Union) book are Jews but his message applies to everyone. Defending your identity is the first step to defending democracy and freedom. Only people with a real identity can freely express their will and safeguard and protect democracy, everything else is rough improvization and myth.

This brings us to the Macedonians and the Macedonian talks with Greece about our name.

The conditions put on the Macedonians, not only in the Republic of Macedonia but in the Balkans and the world over, in this scenario are reminiscent of the fate of the last Apache – Geronimo. Have the Macedonians learned anything from Geronimo’s experience or have they forgotten the parallels in history, the suffering and the pogroms?

Nowadays we hear on the news about a referendum to be conducted to decide the name of our country. All Macedonians will vote to cement this. To cement what, the “status quo” of the Macedonians in Greek occupied Macedonia?

Of all the referendums mentioned “ad nauseam”, which turns one’s stomach, why has no one mentioned the need to have a referendum in Greece? Where in all this are the rights of the Macedonians in Greece? Where in all this are the Internationals to demand the rights for the Macedonians in Greece? Macedonia is the mother country of all Macedonians and as such needs to be concerned!

The latest EU interference in the “talks” has given rise to the geostrategic importance of the Balkan region which begs the questions: “What kind of influence does the geostrategic position of Macedonia have on the ‘name’ and vice versa? What conditions must be put on Macedonia before it is allowed to join the EU and NATO? And what roles do transport corridors 8 and 10 (which pass through Macedonia and Greece) play on those conditions?” Does Macedonia have the right to say “YES” or “NO THANK YOU” on its own?

This reminds me of ASNOM of the days when a Balkan Federation was planned in order to bring unity to the people of the Balkans. How was this started? Whose initiative was it? And most importantly why was a Balkan Federation even considered?

Questions such as these unfortunately are considered to be “taboo” but they no longer need to be. Today we can lift that old curtain and let the people see inside. Let them discover the truth. Let them analyze the actions, the poverty, the genocide, the ethnic cleansing and the pogroms that have created bitterness in the lives of all the Macedonians in the Balkans. Let them see for themselves and decide for themselves. They deserve to know the truth.

My aim here is to chronicle my observations and draw my own conclusions.

Regarding Mr. Nimitz: What proposal does he bring and whose proposal is it?

I am not here to analyze who Matthew Nimitz is and how and why he became a “mediator” but I am here to ask “What does he want to accomplish in the talks between Macedonia and Greece, conducted under the auspices of the UN?”

What message does he bring from those who sent him? And why propose “North Macedonia”?

In order to arrive at our answers we first need to examine the proposal and see who it benefits the most.

Obviously this proposal benefits Greece the most because it falls in line with Greece’s demand of wanting Macedonia to have a regional name. Not an ethnic name. But why “North Macedonia”?

In the interest of academics let’s assume that Nimitz works for Greece’s interests because he wants to help Greece preserve its national integrity, then “North Macedonia”, being analogous to “North-South Korea”, “North-South Vietnam”, etc., is an example of “North” belonging to or being “Left oriented or Communist” and “South” belonging to or being “Right oriented or Capitalist”. So according to this analogy “North Macedonia” would be “Communist” and all “Northerners” would be “Left oriented”.

But how does Serbia see this? At one point in time the Republic of Macedonia belonged to Serbia and was called “South Serbia”. So should Serbia have reserved for itself Left oriented “North Serbia”?

Referendum on the name? Will all Macedonians worldwide be asked to vote?

If such a referendum is conducted will all Macedonians be asked to vote or will they again be ignored in the interest of say percentages and mathematics? Will there be “electorate votes” for the Macedonians from the Diaspora? Will there be a real referendum of the entire population or will it be a repeat of the games played in 2001?

Allowing the renaming of our Republic to “North Macedonia” will not only violate the statehood and identity of the remaining Macedonians who now live in that part of Macedonia which was divided in 1913 and given to Serbia, but it will also violate the rights of all Macedonians who still live in the occupied parts of Macedonia and in the Diaspora.

Greece however should not be worried about a referendum because it has done its best to ethnically cleanse its part of Macedonia with its genocide and ethnic cleansing programs of forced assimilations and expulsions. If there is anyone left with courage to stand up and declare him or herself Macedonian in such a census he or she would know that as a Macedonian living inside the EU he or she has no rights. The EU, NATO, etc. do not respect the rights of the Macedonians in Greece (not to mention Bulgaria, Albania, Kosovo and even Serbia proper). What courageous Macedonian soul in Greece would dare to openly declare him or herself Macedonian and who in the world would come to their rescue when the Greek state comes knocking to “ethnically cleanse” him or her? The EU? NATO? Ethnic cleansing has never ceased in Greece; it continues to this day!

Why didn’t the EU or NATO come calling when fresh arrivals of so called “freedom fighters” from Kosovo came with guns to the Republic to commit crimes and to ethnically cleanse Macedonians from their native lands in Western Macedonia? Why have the Internationals rewarded such violent behavour with the creation of yet another Albanian state in the Balkans – Kosovo?!

This unfortunately is the reality with regards to the “International factor” which not only has a selective memory but a desire to only protect selective minorities.

This is precisely why our so called “European friends” suggested to the Macedonians in Greece to “be more like the Albanians from Kosovo” if they wanted to receive help in gaining their human rights. This was suggested during the Olympics but a suggestion such as this can be a double edged sword. Whether this was a trap or not we will never know because the Macedonian leaders had enough sense to know a trap when they saw one. The same goes for the Macedonian leadership in the Diaspora. Macedonians don’t need friends who suggest violence as the only means to gain rights. Macedonians will pursue their struggle through democratic and civilized means and not through terrorism.

While we are on the subject of rights for the Macedonians let us not forget the Greek Civil War refugees who have been shut out of Greece, especially the 28,000 refugee children whose families now number over 100,000. What about their rights? Who is looking after their rights?

The plight of the Macedonians from Greece as portrayed by Milcho Manchevski in his film “Shadows” are another blemish, a dark spot on the EU. As long as these peoples’ graves are desecrated and their bones disturbed their spirits will live on and forever haunt those who disturb them. Just like in the film.

Cementing the “status quo”

Any change in the name, even the most insignificant, is a victory for Greece and the EU and will cement the “status quo”. A proposal like “North Macedonia” is exactly what Greece, the EU and NATO need in order to excuse themselves from the obligation of having to face their demons for all their past pogroms. This is exactly the bargain they need to escape their burden of having to pay damages for what they have done. Greece is not alone in this.

Any change in the name, especially to “North Macedonia” will encourage the “Greek side” whoever they may be, to create discussions for “uniting” the “North” with the “South” under “unequal” terms leading to Greece swallowing up all of Macedonia, including Pirin. Under such “unequal” conditions all of the Macedonian peoples’ problems will be bypassed and forgotten. Macedonia’s 1913 division, ethnic cleansing, genocide, Greece’s draconian and uncivilized rule, all will be forgotten. The entire Macedonia will become “Northern Greece”, a colony for more settlers and a place to conduct more genocide and ethnic cleansing! The International factor too will be unburdened and will extricate itself from the “dispute” and from all these problems.

If the Republic of Macedonia conducts a referendum Greece will also be put in a position to conduct one. How will the Serbs react to this? Will they conduct a referendum on Kosovo too? And if they do what results will they expect? More importantly what can they do with such results when such results are meaningless to the “International factor”? Will the Internationals give Kosovo back to Serbia if the Serbian people vote 100% for retaining Kosovo under Serbia? As you can see in the scheme of things a referendum is meaningless unless the “International factor” is ready to act on the results!

What does the international factor think of such a referendum conducted by the Republic of Macedonia? Has anyone bothered to ask?

The Macedonian minority in Greece?

Even though Greece refuses to admit that Macedonians today live within its borders various internationally commissioned reports show that they exist. Macedonians may not be recognized and may not have rights but they do exist and it can be proven.

Putting the question another way “How did Greece’s population in 1913 grow over night from 2.5 million to 4.5 million”? Greece’s population grew by 2 million after Greece annexed 51% of Macedonia’s territory in 1913. Today Greece is 11 million.

Similarly Serbia’s population grew by 1.5 million when it acquired Macedonian territories in 1913. The Serbian part of Macedonia became independent in 1991 and in its census it has registered a large majority of ethnic Macedonians, which according to early Serbian statistics did not exist. Did they really not exist or did the Serbians try to hide that fact? Keeping that in mind and given that some Macedonians in Greek occupied Macedonia were evicted, exchanged and assimilated by Greece, where did the rest go? Where did the 2 million Macedonians that Greece acquired in 1913 go? Did they disappear? How can that be? Why does no one want to speak of the Macedonians in Greece?

It is time for talking and for telling. Let us not allow Greece again to speak for the Macedonians. It is time to face reality and tell the truth, the whole truth and what exactly happened from 1913 to the present.

It may have been different in the past but today there is another important factor in Balkan politics and that is the United States of America. The USA has always supported a united and independent Macedonia since 1913 unlike some of the EU members who were in favour of dismantling and keeping Macedonia dismantled.

Referendum in Greece, yes or no?

What possible results would Greece expect from a referendum on minorities when consecutive Greek governments, from the day Greece was created for the first time in 1829, would not recognize minorities and would deny their rights? Greece has consistently fostered fear and a program of terror against those who showed courage to be different. A referendum in today’s Greece would reveal nothing of the real sentiments of the people living there. It would give “expected” results and encourage Greece to continue a policy of continued denial and of the status quo.

Where in all this are the Macedonians and their rights?

Why are impossible conditions placed on the Macedonians? Where is international law in relation to the Macedonians?

It would seem that international law can be pliable and apply to some but not to others. The “Greek side” it seems is “making” international law as it, goes along to cement its own interests especially when it comes to the Greek occupied territories. The “Greek side” the way it conducts itself, it seems has measures to ultimately erase the Macedonians from Greece “forever”.

Are outsiders involved in the “name dispute” even remotely aware of this or are they part of it?

The Republic of Macedonia is the mother country of all Macedonians

The Yugoslav Federation has collapsed, the Balkan Federation never materialized, Greece and Bulgaria have not only not recognized the Macedonians living in their respective countries but they have tried to extinguish them. All that remains for the Macedonian people now and I mean all the Macedonian people worldwide is the Republic of Macedonia which qualifies to be called the “mother country” for all Macedonians: a place where Macedonians can feel at home and be Macedonians without fear of being persecuted.

The Republic of Macedonia for the Macedonians is like Israel is for the Jews, Greece for the Greeks, Albania for the Albanians, Serbia for the Serbs, etc., and has a duty to care for all Macedonians wherever they may be in the world. Unfortunately being a “mother country” to the Macedonians presents a threat to Greece, Bulgaria and Albania which have Macedonian “occupied territories” , particularly to Greece which feels it will lose those territories if it recognized the Macedonians.

But let’s talk about the Balkan Federation. Clearly having a Balkan Federation would have been advantageous to the Balkan people with cultures mixing and mutually respecting one another. The cultures of the lower Balkans were always unified, that is until nationalism was introduced in the 19th century and Macedonia was partitioned in the 20th.

A Yugoslav federation too would have been advantageous and for a while it seemed that it was until the 1990’s when the “International factor” became involved. This it seems happened over night, first the re-unification of Germany, the Albanian question which seems to have been solved by media interventions in the interest of the Albanians in the Balkans.

But why is this? Why do internationals lead by the Great Powers from the West and sometimes from the East get involved in such processes and even apply pressure through institutions like the United Nations and its various Councils to create certain conditions?

Could it be self interest and geopolitics?


Let’s not be naïve here. What is done is done mainly for self-interest and Great Powers play great geopolitical games not only in the Republic of Macedonia but in the entire world. The Great Powers have vested interests in the entire region of Macedonia. Transport corridors 8 and 10 pass right through Macedonia, a central strategic place for future Great Power projects.

Let’s also not forget that Greece is making big money from renting Macedonian land (the part it occupied in 1913) to the USA for example for various military installations.

As we can see from the above, things are very complicated and we must not mix our priorities of “negotiating a name change” before we really understand what’s at stake here.

Macedonia, like every other independent and sovereign state in the world, has the right to its constitutional name along with other rights, especially the right to protect the Macedonian people wherever they may live, be it in the other parts of geographic Macedonia or in the Diaspora.

Macedonians need not bow to the pressures of those who wish to humiliate us and try to force the Republic of Macedonia to change its constitutional name. What they are doing is wrong, absurd and without precedence.

The EU will speak to the UN about the name!?

According to some news sources “Macedonia is stubbornly refusing to find an acceptable solution to the name dispute with Greece” so the EU feels it needs to intervene.

By what right and under whose authority is the EU prepared to speak to the UN about what Macedonia should and should not be called?

With Greece in the center of it, how can the EU feel impartial in this matter or is the EU now trying to ruin the UN’s reputation? Putting the question another way “whose side will the EU take when it speaks to the UN”?

Aren’t we having these problems today because of Greece, an EU member, which conditionally likes to follow EU fundamental principles? And aren’t some of those EU members responsible for Macedonia’s division in 1913 and for allowing Greece to conduct genocide and ethnic cleansing for almost a century? Of course they are!

It seems to me colonization has changed tactics and the neo-colonists, descendents of the old colonist, are attempting to swallow up country after country without firing a shot. The economically and morally bankrupt empire governed by the few it seems is enriching itself with colonies by simply adding new member countries to its collection one by one.

Is there a “joining” of the EU and under what conditions?

Again it seems to me that the Association and Stabilization Agreement with the EU does not have a paragraph for “joining” the EU if it does not suit its member countries, new or old which without exception is very important to Greece. Then in place of asking “if Macedonia will receive an invitation to join the EU”, let us ask “under what circumstances will Greece allow Macedonia to join the EU and NATO for that matter?”

It is well understood that Greece is an old member of both the EU and NATO and that’s why it has everything including 51% of Macedonia, NATO military bases and all the benefits it receives. And all this with the blessing of both the EU and NATO.

Yes the time has come when we need to openly talk, not only about Macedonia and the Macedonians, but about their territories, about the crimes committed by the “Greek side” and its supporters in the EU and NATO. It’s time to openly speak about the new Greek provocations and threats to regional peace for which Greece is trying to put the guilt on the Macedonian people and on the Republic of Macedonia.

There is nothing wrong with believing that the International Community, and understandably the EU along with all its members, is working in the interest of peace and prosperity not only in the Balkans but in the whole world, but we also must be vigilant and never again become its pawn. Today at a time when the internet and information technology are available to us it is easy to exchange information and ideas and seek facts that point to the truth. Truth will stand on the side of justice and will defend the universal principles enshrined in the UN human rights charter.

Strategic transportation corridor, Macedonia, Greece and the EU

After all, it is logical for Greece to untangle itself from the EU and NATO (together with Cyprus), particularly today. Cyprus is a country made out of a Turkish province which controls a considerable portion of the world’s sea trade flotilla which amounts to 16.5 to 17%. Thirty percent of that flotilla operates under the Greek flag and what can one say when Greece clearly has business and economic interests there.

Is this accidental? Particularly when transportation is conducted in the same manner today as it was conducted during early colonial times when the Great Imperial Powers controlled everything. Given that corridors 8 and 10 are closely linked to sea trade in this part of the region only contributes to Macedonia’s (and Greece’s) strategic importance given that they both exist at the Euro-Asian crossroads.

There is the widening of the Panama Canal which is scheduled to open in 2014 which will also link to these corridors in the Balkans.

So nothing is accidental. It is part of the neo-colonialist (and “their people”) grand plan to control trade.

One more time about the transportation corridors

The more Greece by itself has influence in the region the more it can control and benefit from this trade. Since the 1980’s and even earlier Greece has made attempts to influence political changes in the region but it is unclear how and under what circumstances. It is also not clear how Greece tried to “unwind” itself from the EU and from NATO, but if it did, as a member, it should be disciplined before it can start something that will lead to something bigger and eventually to Armageddon.

There is no need to speculate if such actions represent danger or if they will lead to destabilization in the region and in all of Europe. Those lessons can be found in Balkan history.

For those who are interested on how the problem with Greece should have been solved in 2001, I have written an elaborate article entitled: “About Macedonian matters – Part 2, or 100 years later, an open letter to the Macedonians and the international community”. Included in it are the analyses conducted by professors and doctors, experts in international law from the University of Skopje (Republic of Macedonia) and Bordeaux (France), as well as from other interested personalities and organizations (for example the leadership of the International Book Group). The text can be found on the internet:

(http://www.makedoni ja.tv/an_ open_leter_ to_The_Macedonia ns_and_the_ international_ community. htm)

Please allow me to emphasize that “Greece and the Greeks are not in a position to put conditions on the Macedonians, but rather they need to admit their guilt for the genocide and ethnic cleansing they conducted against them, to beg them for forgiveness and to pay for the damages they caused them. Greece and the Greeks need to recognize the rights of the evicted Macedonians, to open the borders between the Republic of Macedonia and Greece and to stop talking about the name – because that entire region is one Macedonia”.

Macedonia as a good neighbour needs to accept the Greek apology and to forgive Greece; the paid damages it must accept as a gesture of good will, and the two neighbour countries need to create good neighbourly relations with open borders and without divisions, an example of coexistence in the Balkans in the 21st century at the knee of civilization.

What’s with the EU and Brussels?

The neo-colonists from Brussels (EU as a new colonial power) look to acquire new territories as soon as possible. Macedonia cannot surrender to the EU or NATO simply for good neighbourly relations. Why?

Simply because EU laws are created to serve EU interests and those laws which don’t serve its interests are simply broken and then replaced with new ones. The EU defines justice in accordance with its own measures. It defines terrorism selectively accepting the definition that only serves it but shamelessly at the same time asks Macedonia to obey those laws, even though they are destructive to its national and ethnic integrity and for what? So that Macedonia can be “accepted” in the EU club to be exploited?

Thank you but no thank you!

For all those who know the ins and outs of politics and follow the current situation everything should be clear by now. On top of forcing Macedonia to capitulate to Greece, the EU is also attempting to block it from developing alternative political options in this newly established situation. The EU does not want Macedonia to develop ties with the USA as Greece has made it repeatedly clear through example like the “Elefteros Typos” article mentioned earlier.

From ASNOM back to Balkan Federation

When through the efforts of ASNOM the Republic of Macedonia was formed, it was a ray of hope for all the Macedonians from every corner of Macedonia be it Egej, Pirin, Albania, Kosovo or the Diaspora, that one day all Macedonians would come to live in open borders and “the Berlin Wall” which divides them would come down and there would be lasting peace for all in the Balkans.

The idea of a Balkan Federation in my opinion, among other things, was created for exactly that kind of premise where Macedonians become the “tying” factor to hold such a federation together and give it strength, wisdom and courage to bury its past hatchets and promote love between people, a force that would hold them together.

That kind of thing was not completely achieved in Yugoslavia with its six Republics but the people there did live more or less in harmony for over half a century.

Was it the Greeks (and their mentors) that feared a Balkan Federation? And that it might create that kind of entity which would be very strong to be controlled by outsiders? Which would be difficult and expensive to break up if it misbehaved?

A creation of such an organization consisting of “unattached” states was alarming to the neo-colonialists and their oligarchs, who put those states on the road to “liberation” to only “colonize” them for themselves later before they become very strong. Today we are witnesses to such a process of neo-colonialism and it’s called the European Union.

From this aspect I can see why Greece is attempting to silence everything and everyone who speaks of a Macedonian genocide inside Greece.

Analysis and then action

There is need for deep analysis now. Now is not the time for solving the “name dispute” but rather for opening all decided and undecided questions between Greece and Macedonia. Among those questions falls the occupation of Macedonia, the genocide of the Macedonians in the occupied territories, the ethnic cleansing, the return of properties, and compensation of expenses which Macedonians incurred from Greeks actions. There is also a need to examine the questions around the “name” with which Greece is attempting to turn attention away from what is mentioned here.

But we must not stop there. We also need to open the question of genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Macedonians in all parts of Macedonia and in the Republic of Macedonia perpetrated by the Albanian terrorists conveniently re-labeled “freedom fighters”.

It is unacceptable to talk about changing the name of the Republic of Macedonia without analyzing all the consequences. It is also unacceptable to keep silent before the fact that in the Republic of Macedonia there are Macedonians who have still not been returned to their homes from which they were evicted and ethnically cleansed. It is unacceptable for a sovereign state not to have control of its own territory or not to be able to speak for its own people.

Ethnic cleansing and genocide

It is unacceptable to tolerate ethnic cleansing and genocide, erasing toponyms. processes conducted without shame and gone unpunished. It is unacceptable to go so far so as to strip dead Macedonians from their right to be buried in the cemetery of their birthplace! How can this be allowed in front of International “observers” and in the presence of the entire International public? I repeat, why is this all happening in front of the eyes of the International Public and before the eyes of International “observers” and the International Community and NOTHING is done!? It is time for all this to end once and for all.

We can achieve all this only through supportive and exhaustive analysis and foresight. By tackling all these questions it is possible to start a process for solving some of the problems, but for an entire solution we will all need to grasp the truth.

Now is the right time for the truth to come out!

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