Peace and Blessings from Luxembourg,

This place is simply amazing, the green of its forests and the lack of
uptightness of most of the people I met her gave my soul such a
feeling of peacefulness that I felt bound to advance the following

Schengen is a small town in Luxembourg, bordering also into France and
Germany, in a gorgeous and healthy forest landscape; its name is the
symbol of open borders and it is where I want to create a Rainbow
style gathering of all artists, poets, musicians of every faith,
persuasion and nationality who believe that peace in this world is the
most urgent priority, to get together in the summer of 2009 and
discuss strategies to help bring it about through their art and
performance work.

The works created at the gathering will then travel the world to show
its results and involve more local artists to further these aims.

It will take sponsors for those artists who cannot afford the travel
expenses, but I want the whole world to be suitably represented, and
the financial obstacles should eventually be overcome.

Please tell your fellow artists, and get back to me with their
expressions of interest; when I have enough applicants I have whom to
contact to make this project a reality, and a few sponsors already
lined up.

Contact Info:

Office: mail ONLY to: POB 31403 Jerusalem 91313 Israel
Location: Ezrat Israel 5 Jerusalem, Israel