Dear Friend,

Tonight, July 5th, and Sunday, July 6th (3 Tammuz on the Hebrew calendar), marks fourteen years since the passing of the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of righteous memory.

We’ve posted lots of information to help you learn more about the Rebbe’s devotion to G-d, discover how deeply he cared for each human being, and to glean insight into his teachings.

The Rebbe would frequently insist that even the loftiest of thoughts must be translated into actual deed.

Please join us on this special day in learning something additional, reciting an additional prayer, and giving some extra charity. Let us also try and apply some of the Rebbe’s care and selfless dedication to our own interaction with family, friends and total strangers. There can be no more fitting tribute to the Rebbe than millions of good deeds, mitzvot, performed on his day.

May G-d help us that in the merit of our collective acts of goodness we quickly greet our righteous Moshiach, at which time we will be reunited with our beloved Rebbe and all our loved ones.


The Staff of

P.S. The date of a righteous person’s passing is an auspicious day to reflect and to ask him to intercede on High on our behalf. If you would like your prayer requests to be placed at the Rebbe’s resting place during these particularly opportune hours, please visit this page.