From Thanglo

Have you ever…
– Wanted to sing but were too shy?
– Been told your voice was too loud or too soft, or that you sing off-
– Felt that you had feelings you just couldn’t express?
– Searched for a deeper connection between words and meaning?
– Longed to feel freer in your body?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, this workshop is for you!

Long before there was language, there was movement. We shaped our
bodies and sang with our voices to describe events and feelings. With
the development of language, we exchanged our natural modes of
expression for words—words that often disguise what is really going
on inside of us.

The space where words cannot convey what the heart feels – there lies
our natural voice. The space where our innermost desires reside –
there lies the voice that has been silenced.
This workshop is designed for those who wish to delve into the
mystery of their voice, to indulge in the natural movement of their
bodies and in the infinite possibilities of vocal expression. We will
learn the ingredients of the voice, experiment with sounds, discover
the emotional power behind the words of songs we love to sing.

Talia Mitelman and Rinah Sheleff are practitioners of Voice Movement
Therapy (VMT), a powerful and unique form of expressive therapy
created by Paul Newham and brought to Israel by Barbara Salzberg. They are both professional storytellers.Talia is also a yoga instructor, and Rinah is a movement instructor who incorporates the expressive arts in her work.

Date: Tuesday, July 15, 17.00-22.00
Venue: Rinah’s Garden, 56 Rehov Yehuda Halevi, Raanana
Cost:  Before July 10 – NIS 150; after July 10 – NIS 165
The workshop is limited to 12 participants.
(Note:  If you can’t make the July workshop, you’ll have another chance on
August 12.)

Details and registration:
Talia – 09-9575083, 054-7719580
Rinah – 09-7717374, 050-8550028, rinah@…