If you ask people who come from Iran about their favorite type of clothes
and their favorite arts and ways of having fun, you will see how Islamic
they are. These are the same people, who, when they live in Iran and are
interviewed by CNN, are forced to wear “hejab,” the Islamic dress code and
have to “behave” themselves. Is it so hard to understand this compulsion?
Is it difficult to understand “compulsory Islamic behavior”? Is it
difficult to understand wearing hejab due to fear of torture and
imprisonment? This is the situation that people in Iran have to deal with
in their everyday lives.

In fact, the media that portrays Iran as an Islamic society, protects the
Islamic regime – a regime of execution and imprisonment. The media, which
introduces the system created by the Islamic regime as a system that is
preferred by millions of people of Iran, is a liar. Perhaps it is trying
to help this oppressive regime continue to rule over the people of Iran.

To acknowledge that Iran is an Islamic society is against the very
anti-Islamic movement that demonstrates itself and its opposition to the
Islamic lifestyle in the streets. Iran is not an Islamic society. To say
it is, is a lie. The truth is that in Iran sexual apartheid and oppression
of people rules.

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