Some Jewish readers may wonder why I republish a Christian religious statement: let them read (again, as much as it takes to let it sink in), the RaMba”M

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I have been following some things going on within the denomination of my upbringing recently that have been less than encouraging.  In fact, because of these issues, I must say that I am completely done with the Southern Baptist Convention.

It seems the SBC as a whole has become literally obsessed with the issue of women in ministry and passing scathing condemnation on those who believe it to be okay.  One pastor has referred to egalitarianism as a cancer that needs to be cut out.  And another has said that the reason husbands abuse their wives is because the wives are not being submissive enough.

6 years ago, this may not have bothered me as much as it does now.  But I have come a long way since then, and I just cannot see any of the above statements being biblical by any stretch of the imagination.  In fact, these were merely the straw that broke the camel’s already broken back.  I may have been able to agree to disagree with them and seek to change things from the inside had they not done something that, I believe, shows the SBC’s apostasy.

In 2000, they amended the Baptist Faith and Message and actually removed a phrase that said that the guide for all interpretation of Scripture was Jesus.  It seems that, once that idea was removed, the groundwork was laid for chauvinistic pastors to begin a crusade against the equality of women, an action that I don’t ever see Jesus taking.  In fact, the NT seems ripe with passages that treat the two sexes as equal, that’s treats women as *gasp* human.  But they can’t have that.  They can’t have it Jesus’ way.  They must have it their way.  And that is why I can no longer identify, even in part, with the SBC.  I will never attend an SBC church aside from visits when seeing family if asked.  I cannot and will not ever be a Southern Baptist again.  If a denomination refuses to see Jesus as having more authority than tradition, then I want no part of it.  To me, Jesus is God incarnate.  And I will follow Him as such and interpret the book He was instrumental in as such.  To treat Jesus as anything less than God is to make Him merely a man.  That is making less of Him than even the most liberal of Christians makes Him.  It is apostasy at its most gruesome.  And I shake the dust from my feet.


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