The price of food has gone up by almost 30%, that’s said by the Italians who do the shopping. We need to believe them. Industrial production is collapsing. that’s said by the industrialists. We need to believe them.
Morpheus Napolitano will sign the lodo SchifoAlfano, the space shield for the Band of Four. The psycho-dwarf will finally be safe from prison and Napolitano, Fini and Schifani will be able to, if they so wish, commit crime without risk. The Band of Four doesn’t know the cost of bread, and perhaps not even champagne. It’s immune from the rise in the cost of living. Out there. Far from the palaces, people are ever poorer, but from today, more aware that they are them, and we are just nothing.
Nadia has written to me. She’s an Italian woman who is struggling every day for herself and for her family.
Go for it Nadia. You will win. We will win.

Dear Beppe,
Good day. My name is Nadia and I’m 30 years old. I work in a supermarket on the check out, 12 hours a day. I’ve recently become a mother. My son is 9 months old. I am on maternity leave. I had a salary of a thousand euro, and now I get thirty per cent, about 350 euro.
I am married and my husband is a security guard and thanks to a few hours overtime he manages to earn 1,200 euro. We live in rented accommodation and we pay 800 euro in rent. We have tried to find a place with a lower rent but there’s nothing for less. We have had to ask for a personal loan to deal with the first expenses that the young have to face when they are creating a family. The overall repayments are 573 euro and I have an overdraft of 2,000 euro in the bank.
I have asked the nursery run by the local authorities for a place because the private one is too costly. But as our income and as we are a working couple my son has been turned down because he has 25 points and there are 255 children ahead of him. The charges for the private nursery (which is open until 5:30pm), I have discovered, is 500 euro a month. I can’t afford that.
My mother-in-law is not well. My parents can’t help me because my mother is blind and my father has a pace maker, having said that my father has to look after his own health and take care of my mother.
Soon, the period of maternity leave will end. I have tried to create a part-time job. But the first thing they ask is Have you got children? I say – Yes – and they slam the door in my face. Soon, the period of maternity leave will end and I will have to resign given that I will manage to get unemployment benefit, how will I cover the bills, the “Biagi” law for which he gave his life, what use is it? If it is not applied, is it possible that in 2008 you have to work 12 hours, because if I have a son I have to be treated like that and I don’t have the possibility to change and to improve my position. I am a woman beyond being a mother and I have the right to work as is said in the Italian Constitution. Italy is a democratic Republic founded on work. The Republic recognises the right of all citizens to work and it promotes the conditions that make this right effective.
The family is an important institution for the Italian State. There was the Family-day. Why should I be in a bad way in the country where I was born, I am starting to get depressed I no longer want to go out I feel like a failure what future can I give my son if in a bit I will no longer have the money to buy milk. Is it possible that no one will listen to me, what is my situation like that it doesn’t make the news, but if I am ignored and the desperation makes me take an extreme action then yes. In order to be heard I have to go to those limits!
I have to shriek out my suffering, but I need someone who can give me a voice. HELP I AM DESPARATE! I could seem like a whinger but I wouldn’t have fallen so low if I weren’t really desperate. I know I’m not the only one to be in difficulty, but this is not a good reason not to ask for help in fact how I am doing the others can do. If there’s someone with children they can understand me – for a child you fight to the death.” Nadia


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