Dear readers,

I can’t get over it and gotta spill the beans: in my 63 years of life I have visited many countries, and many beverage fairs but never until today I came across such a pleasing, natural tasting, fulfilling brew as the artistically made, prize winning blonde: “Menabrea & Figli” which I mean to bring to Israel when I get back there at the end of this trip, August 14th.

When there is the best of anything in this world, why should anybody settle for less just to hoard a few fast-devaluating pennies?

One more brew that I cannot recommend enough is “La Pietra” which is made in Corsica out of CHESTNUTS!!!

Every time I stop in Montecarlo I walk out of the train station to the kiosk on the right and have one before I take the cablecar to the Casino Beach; and it is so good to experience a true brewing art, not buried by global/standard/bastardization (I will not say here, despite having a very solid opinion in merit, who makes the shittiest pale imitations of real beer but will whisper it to you in private when I have the privilege of meeting you, because I cannot be the only one who believes that quality is the only factor that decides how well our life is being lived, while price is a secondary consideration whose seriousness is inversely proportional to our belief in G-d and the self-assurance from knowing that H- loves us enough to provide us with the very best, and that we are doing our honest best to deserve it but do not freak out under the burden of impossible expectations as we live our impossible dreams.

Be as it may, I am buying a few cases for the party I want to give on the Moshav after I get back to Israel, and since no matter how many cases I bring it will run out, please tell me you are ready to come try it on September 20th, after with G-s help I will have won in the Me against (corrupt) Me’Or Modiim Vaad haNhala on September 19th and will start the planting of:

Kerem Bnei Shlomo: 

with much song, dance and praise of the ALM-GHTY who is in charge of true justice and will not deny it to me. 

Wherever in the world you are, if you are interested in marketing the world’s best beer, and I am not kidding, Lightwave International Mediation and Investments, Ltd. is at your service; just e-mail me at or call one of the numbers below: Italian and Swiss phones are presently on until 20:00 of today and after 22: of tomorrow until 10:30 of Tuesday July 15th when I GW fly to the US, and when only e-mail will be useful.

Shabbat Shalom uMevorach,

Eliahu Gal-Or

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