Dear small but very special and meaningful audience,

This scenario is only the beginning of what the US can become if we
don’t get McCain elected; since I cannot vote for him I am limited to
praying very seriously for his victory for the whole world’s sake and
if it is legitimate for the US to affest Israel’s internal politics,
so it is for an Israeli to recyprocate since it is in the SAME G-d
that we trust!

Please note respond to the following request;

Peace and Blessings from Milano,

I’m an Israeli citizen, and must travel NOW to the US where my
daughter Miriam (my ex-wife is a US citizen by birth and so are my
seven children) needs my assistance urgently; I am a businessman and
run a non-profit organization in Israel, so I am not trying to sneak
in and look for a macjob…

I have an unlimited B-1 visa in my previous Israeli passport but laws
changed after 9/11 and in Israel for non-US citizens the waiting time
for a visa renewal interview at the US Embassy is three months,
(exceptions are made for deaths in the family or urgent surgery, but
according to call center operators no other exception exists and
nobody without a US passport can get in past security to talk to a
live person but must pay by the minute into a pay phone – in Bern,
Switzerland I spent, after paying $200 at the post office as a filing
fee and filing form DS-156 online (file C1JZ12GLM4) lots of time at
$3.50 a minute, including listening to irrelevant info before getting
to the operator, trying to convince a second operator to give me an
appointment earlier than September 15th after the first one ran the
first SF 20 calling card out insisting that she could not give me the
appointment she had available on July 18th because she did not know
if I would show up, and this before she had given me a chance to tell
her my name and file number!!!) impossible for a frequent traveller
like me, who must already be back in Europe by July 24th for my
business; I tried Bruxelles, Luxembourg and Bern so far, but it’s the
same story, there must be an alternative, and if you can help it is a
real mitzva.

Do you know anybody anywhere, to help me and my daughter end this
nightmare? I will be most grateful if you forward this and/or connect
me any way you can; Miriam is alone there with her 2-year old
daughter and as a US citizen by birth she certainly does not deserve
this absurd hindrance. I am reachable in Italy at 0039331-7573033

Waiting for your kind and prompt reply, I bless you with acceptance
of all your prayers,

Eliahu Gal-Or

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