Monday 14/7
The Jerusalem Show Film Programme IV, curated by Alia Arasoughly
Monday 14/7, 20:00, Al-Ma’mal Foundation, New Gate.
Palestinian short Films 
Film Screening of short video/film works by Palestinian film makers and artists.
Screening 1: My Palestine (Filasteeni), by Dima Abu Ghoush, 2007 (10′). “What does ‘ Palestine ‘ mean to you?” A question sounded simple, even naive at the beginning. But after this journey in people’s minds, hearts, and memories, searching for the true meaning of Palestine , it didn’t sound so simple!!”
Screening 2: The Last Station (Al-Mahatta Al-Akhirah), by Ghada Terawi, 2007 (7′). The Last Station is a personal experience of Exile, Return and the Dream of a Homeland.  This journey between the Dream and the Reality contains much happiness, hope and yet much disappointments.
Screening 3: On the East Side (Fil-Hammi Sharqu), by Mahasen Nasser-Eldin, 2007 (23′). On The East Side follows a day in the lives of a group of friends in East Jerusalem . Abu Daoud shares his grief and grievance with his friends. His son is due to appear in Israeli Military Court the following day.  Although they come from varying walks of life, these friends share a deep-seated daily struggle against Israel ’s occupation.
Screening 4: The Shooter (Al-Takheekh), by Ihab Jadallah, 2007 (7′). Cinema is not the reflection of the reality it’s the reality of the reflection.
Screening 5:  The Clothesline (Habl Al-Ghaseel), by Alia Arasoughly, 2006 (14′). For 21 days, a woman is imprisoned in her apartment during the Israeli invasion of Ramallah in March 2002.  In an orgy of fear and terror, her hidden demons surface as shelling and bombing rages outside as she fights her own emotional war with a relationship gone wrong.  The Clothesline contrasts scenes of intense domesticity with warfare.  Throughout the war outside and her emotional war, her laundry hangs outside…a witness to the events outside the apartment and those inside it.
Screening 6: Make a Wish (Itmanna), by Cherien Dabis, 2006 (12′). A young Palestinian girl will do whatever it takes to buy a birthday cake.  Eleven year old Mariam begs her mother for the extra money she needs to buy a cake at the local bakery.  When Mariam arrives at the bakery she realizes that she does not have enough money.  What begins as a simple trip to the bakery turns into a journey full of the grief and violence that accompany occupation.
Screening 7: A Horse for Today (An-Nahardah Hisan), by Hala Mansour, Palestine/Egypt, 2004. A boy is obsessed by his father’s absence and by his responsibility for the family.  A horse running by the shore becomes a symbol of his absent father.  So he makes a horse from clay to express his yearning and is able to earn money through selling it.
Screening 8: Four Songs for Palestine (Arba’ Aghani Li Filasteen), by Nada El-Yassir, 2001 (13′). Palestinians absorb the daily tally of lives lost to bullets and the ensuing burials recorded by television crews and carry the images around with them wherever they go. The film is about how death has become very much a part of life in the West Bank .  It is an ode to numb survival. A Palestinian woman goes through her daily routines eating, drinking and feeding her son the harvest of bad news.
Courtesy of Shashat, Ramallah
Refreshments will be served. All are welcome!
A glimpse of The Jerusalem Show artwork installation:
Judy Price, Assemblage; Reel; Interference, (video installation), Nidal Center for Community Development, Christian Quarter, Al Jabsha St.
Photo: Rula Halawani
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