Milano, July 15th 2008

Peace and Jerusalem’s Blessing to you all,

Last night I attended a Gala Supper for the Alumni of the MBA program at Politecnico di Milano, and for the occasion, donned for the first time my new head mounted video camera, mingling with the guests to observe and record their reactions; thus I resumed the social investigation I had left behind when taking apart my Internet Cafe installation in 1976, and I decided that it would continue because its time has come.

This morning I created on facebook SNAP as a vehicle for this investigation, and will spin it into a separate blog when the traffic GW will warrant it; in the meantime I take the opportunity to tell you about my other facebook groups and invite you to join, comment on and tell everybody about them and of course me.


I am not seeking fame for its own sake, but it does mean easier access to the tools and space needed to work, and I have spent all my life running after the means with precious little resources left to do the work itself with; as the mileage adds up, it becomes more urgent to collate, systematize, consolidate, translate and transmit the knowledge I have acquired so that it may not be wasted into oblivion like Indiana Jones’ Ark when Time comes to recycle this well maintained yet very used body.

Let’s start with SNAP :

Basic Info

Description: Digital Anthropology could be another term to describe it, as it integrates the study of consciousness and self-extension through social networks, with introspection akin to a psychedelic trip, with psychoanalysis, and in particular Mass Psychology and General Semantics through the polyglot, polymath type of individual coming of age through said network.

In other words, as an individual’s behaviour is dictated by environment (you don’t wait for the train in a forest where you see no tracks or hear rumbles just as much as you don’t look for a tree to pick bananas from in the middle of Manhattan), so is the environment modified naturally (by this I do not mean materially designed (re)modeled, but refer to the environment as it is perceived/sensed by its occupants) by its intended function.

Art is the primary mode of creation of such an environment whore pure function is the creation of the experience both of being in it, and of the inner cognitive chances it generates (for example epileptic seizure triggered by a flashing light, such as that of a police car’s beacon when its frequency has not been established considering the specific brainwave ones responsible for the seizures in order to avoid causing them) or the Doppler effect on a syren moving through in one’s immediate space.

My first experiment in this context was the installation of an environment at the Museum of Conceptual Art in S.Francisco in 1976: “Coffee, Tea, Spice, Smoke, Cake and…” which was a simulation of what the experience of an Internet Cafe would be like in the then future, when WWW was still seen as science fiction by most of [(wo)mankind – note the pseudoPG genderneutrality diluting language thus slowing cognition in the name of rejecting convention because not being putatively conventional besides being conventionally unconventional does not attract the attention of undeveloped minds such as those of those who use unconvention as a form of mental cosmetic…- ] .

The experience was literally, as I communicated unseen through a Teletype33 with the visitors of a Middle Erastern Styled Cafe, meant to be that of Big Brother breathing on your neck , as I from another connected teletype in the basement could see through a hidden CCTV camera the persons typing and give them written cues based on their body language, plus remotely activate a hidden hair dryer behind their back, etc…

Paranoia once experied under stress is internalized and reappears when triggering cues are met; so do more pleasant states of mind as for instance smelling baking bread or roasting coffee. The environment included music, aromas and special effects and its purpose was to explore the cognitive changes it induced by recording the visitor’s experience along with their own written comments, like a blog does today.

The purpose of this group is to collectively develop the next generation of social networks which will go beyond the present Facebook, Myspace, etc… versions and their built-in fallibility, and to turn the new ones into self sufficient transaction engines for fun and profit, starting with creating documentation in all known and available media, and continuing on to the experiment of the new network itself using available proprietary platforms.

This is a call to Social Network Architects and Futurists, in particular to Social Artists, Activists, and Entrepreneurs to come together, meet, eventually in person, and discuss how to influence social networking’s development to improve quality of life on this planet discentrically from the cyclone’s eye (thanks for your book John, R.I.P.) for ALL of its inhabitants, and of course, bring peace…

Contact Info

Lightwave Communication Services, Ltd.
AMEN is a non-profit organization registered in Israel, which has a parallel registration in California “Friends of AMEN” to enable deduction of US contributions; schedule 501c will be obtained as soon as I can travel to the US to finish the paperwork.
I have created AMEN with 6 more social activists and membership is available already, but its benefits will be soon, after suitable premises are secured. to counter the effect of financial handicaps and prevent suicides/divorces caused by destitut… (read more)
Say AME”N to our prayer…and help us say AME”N
to your prayers too.

for the last 20 years we were known as The Worldwide Community Switchboard.

Our new name means:


And our basic goals remain:

To create employment in Israel, by promoting Aliya and preventing Yerida.

To prevent suicide and divorce caused by lack of employment, credit and business financing.

To promote Jewish Unity through Art and Science in a Torah setting.

And our way to accomplish them is:

1) To gather and nurture an online community to run a communal center providing information, networking skills, moral and concrete support in Jerusalem, accessible 24 hours a day by phone, modem or personally to anybody looking for help or understanding and connections to find friends, hospitality or employment .

2) To create and operate an Alternative Investment Market (Small Exchange) for Financially Handicapped and potential partners/investors.

3) To create fulfilling employment by producing and distributing Torah, Art and Science content in print and electronic publication, production, broadcasting, etc… by employing volunteer and salaried personnel.

4) To enable the Financially Handicapped to upgrade, document and certify experiential education through scholarships for joint programs with Academic Institutions in Israel and abroad,.

5) To overcome communication handicaps and other disabilities.

6) To provide loans, grants, sponsorships and work space for Olim, to form socially responsible egalitarian communities.

7) To form, establish, document and present its own viewpoint, opinion and advice, or that of its members and the public, to planning, legislative or executive authorities, about progress in communication.

8) To provide family counseling and divorce-preventive mediation.

9) To run a Crisis Center for prevention of suicide and family violence.

10) To negotiate with Authorities the prevention or elimination of deadlocks/bottlenecks which prevent earning a honorable livelihood.

11) To stop discrimination against Asperger’s Syndrome bearers.

12) To normalize the fiscal position of the Financially Handicapped through volunteer lawyers, accountants, economists etc…

13) To establish social research prototype shelters for beginning and/or distressed businesses

14) To participate in Fairs and Trade Events worldwide, sponsoring travel for the business, learning and self-advancement purposes of needy individuals by forming a travel co-op for reduced fares, and seeking executive envoy or courier assignments, to replace expenses with income.

15) To lend computers, vehicles and working tools, etc… to ease the return to the mainstream of the Financially Handicapped.

16) To provide space and infrastructure for direct/indirect employment of the Financially Handicapped in human and educational resources.

17) To negotiate/consolidate bad debt into productive investment, and promote grassroot level legislation of a moratorium on the execution sentences and incarceration of poor debtors during financial rehabilitation.

18) To assist the Financially Handicapped in marketing goods and services through urban and rural cooperatives and associations.

19) To document for Social and Economic Science, the rehabilitation of Financially Handicapped independent scholars.

20) To publish in printed and electronic media, content and advertising enabling poor independent scholars to publish their work, aspiring or unemployed media professionals to prove and sell their talent.

21) To acquire, intermediate, advertise, convey, rent, lease, insure, maintain, let, sell physical or intellectual property, including Real Estate, tools, vehicles, travel, equipment, talent, time for broadcast, cablecast, satellite, fiber optic, and any communication lines, services and media.

22) To provide goods, services and/or intellectual property, free of charge or for fees, accept, borrow and lend monies, impose membership dues and collect them, invest monies and assets, on its behalf and on the behalf of its members and the general public, free of charge or for fees, and in general engage in any legitimate transactions to further the Organization�s goals.

23) To promote equal opportunity in credit, infrastructure and communications for disadvantaged entrepreneurs, by translating laws, to seek objective enforcement of debtor’s rights and prevent abuse by banks and other institutions. (I.E.: Illegal seizure of tools and equipment by Police, Execution Office for the non-payment of imaginary taxes).

24) To operate a WWW Site for the gathering and distribution of information helpful to achieve equal opportunity, and bypass language hurdles in the production and diffusion of proposals, resumes and business or creative communications, providing timely media placement and acting as a public relations.

25) To study and promote legislation barring economic harassment of the disadvantaged sectors, such as the abusive restriction on traveling abroad, which can last years over small debts and prevent earning a living.

26) To sponsor legal proceedings and class-action suits on behalf of the Financially Handicapped to restore their productive ability, credit, and good name re-establishing themselves on a sound financial/fiscal basis.

27) To make affordable for the poor the auditing of their bank accounts and prove, when such is the case, wrongful treatment and discrimination by banks which damaged their credit. The government should be doing this but it fails to do so, and private accounting firms charge thousands of dollars in advance, far out of reach for the Financially handicapped who for a 50 dollar late payment lose their credit rating for many years while compound interest raises their debt quickly to four digits, makes life impossible for victims of economic terrorism and destroys their family.

28) To trade locally and internationally and provide startup firms meeting its criteria with an affordable and cost-effective alternative source of materials, products, services and financing.

29) To provide counseling and mediation for needy individuals or firms challenging abuse and discrimination by public or private institutions.

30) To develop, document and promote new business concepts, systems and models providing administrative support for startup firms.

31) To seek, gather and provide financial guarantees for needy entrepreneurs and victims of travel restrictions.

32) To create and operate cooperative ventures and premises in industrial zones where unemployed technical and intellectual professionals and artists can socialize and practice their talents.


but we are sure that you realize that in the meantime


I am an inventor who among other things showed the world’s first Internet Cafe in SF in 1976 at Tom Marioni’s Museum of Conceptual Art (my name was then Luciano Piscino) and have researched Functioning Social Environments ever since ten years before that; Google will tell you enough about me in the meantime.

When I still lived in SF, I co-directed the House of Love and Prayer in the Sunset; from Neuromancer to Xanadu, McLuhan, the Bay Area Microcomputer Club, Star Trek 1 and all that came after, I have breathed and lived the web from the beginning, but I always was too ahead of the times to find financing for my ideas.

The main one is a combination High Resolution Holografic Communicator (the camera is part of the display using laser and non-linear optics – I invented it in ’76 but only now the
technology exists to actually make it, and especially the TeraHz range which can provide the necessary bandwidth; at the time I meant it for Fiber Optics but now it can be Blackberry-sized and nanoTech exists to make the Lithium Niobate – Zircon innards); I have also developed a system of post-traumatic physiotherapy called Ballastics, patented and approved by Wingate Institute, and hundreds of other things never developed for lack of resources, but my point in telling you this is that there are so many people like me, and I already know hundreds of them who are still waiting for their chance to create wealth and contribute to society by giving instead of taking.

I am a social entrepreneur, artist and activist whose first priority is to keep the shoes of my Rebbe, Reb Shlomo Carlebach ZTz”L, walking the little bit that I can, despite
filling maybe one percent, which is still better than nothing; the purpose of my non-profit organization, AMEN, Association to Empower the Needy,<> is to prevent the preventable suicides (often of couples) and divorces caused by insolvency, and IMHO the groundwork should be laid now in the US where the last depression caused plenty of them, and the statistics of the (avoidable) next one may beat it if we don’t wake up from the illusion that communism is dead instead of just taking a nap and getting ready to pounce.

I have created a business germinator in Jerusalem, and the concept is so new here for people with spreadsheet shaped minds that I haven’t found anywhere the seed money to put about a hundred talented but otherwise unemployed people back on their feet by giving them a chance to innovate even if they do not have the resources to produce prior due diligence, which can hovever come only as a result of doing the work they know only to well how to do.

Eventually the collective enterprise environment will create a few millionaires and the total equity held by those who finance its startup be worth even hundredfold the initial investment; my personal offer is identical: a put option for one year 45% of “Lightwave Communication Services, Ltd.” at $5.000 a percentage point. A sufficient tax deductible donation to AMEN can also work out, of course.

I want to create individual supervised microbusinesses, contracting the infrastructure, which in bulk is a lot cheaper, to AMEN, and once they have reached the strenght to go on alone or in ad hoc coops, do so, but in the meantime: to rent a room in an office building here it costs at least $2.50 a square foot if it’s not
downtown, but you need sound credit, bank guarantees and one year of rent in advance, and if you have debts you cannot possess a computer, vehicle or what have you because the bailiffs, who are the number one cause of
family breakups here, come and take it away, so it’s already 20 years that I LEND recycled computers and tools to people since not being theirs they cannot be confiscated.

I found in a top location an industrial loft of about 10.000 square feet at 60 cents a sqf. ( have you ever heard of Bill Shapiro’s Mart in ’76 on Market St. between 6th and 7th St.? – he rented the former Kress Bldg and sublet
affordable stalls to hundreds of microbusinesses – my ex-wife had the “Catskill Susie boutique there ) including taxes and utilities where I want to put the following

50 equipped minioffices

10 bigger ones for management and laboratories

electronic, photo, computer, etc…

a (natural foods Italian gourmet ) restaurant where besides regular customers all the people who work at or belong to AMEN can have their meals too; many of those I work with would rather starve than be seen and/or humiliated at soup kitchens, and if instead they can buy
their meals on credit the main dish is restoration of their self esteem; beyond that, an inner alternative economy allows them to trade in their own intellectual product and
skills as well, besides documenting and publicizing them affordably.

professional printing facilities to produce also a street vended newspaper which gives besides income, exposure to the intellectual product and ability of the artists who produce it, sell it or both.

a TV studio to create content for US Cable networks’ Jewish channels in Art, Science and Torah; this means also lab to build sets, etc…and to broadcast live events from the 7.500 sqf. main hall downstairs, such as conferences, exhibitions and weddings. There are 21 other wedding halls in the area which can also be easily wired to the studio, and two theatres in the same building, which is
next to the Israeli TV Channel 2 premises and other content producers.

I intend to tap the large pool of available talented personnel I am in contact with, people who might not look like the typical employable folk, but whom I know how to train, motivate and obtain results from; granted, my
methods and even persona are unorthodox, but so are and have been most successful innovators, that is, if they have had access to the required resources. The Orthodox (Jew) part of my persona is now more accepted in the
business world than it was when I made Aliyah, but in the meantime age and lack of formal education have replaced it as reasons to never obtain a job and earn a decent livelihood, although the main reason is that I am just not
made to be someone’s employee, my ego is to big to get me even past the secretary…
Eventually this will become a full time Satellite channel and sell ads too; when I produced my TV show in Toronto and it was broadcast it on CHCH the ad revenue was almost 5 times production cost and in ’67 we were the first to experiment with infomercials; nearby production houses are now upgrading to HD and they will have a lot of surplus equipment, including a functioning but no longer in use 15′ uplink satellite dish, and if I have the building in time they are prepared to donate it all to AMEN.

It will take US$150.000.00 to rent and set up the premises, and the participants will be given a line of credit of $1.000.00 a month each, which will go a much longer way by cooperative business interaction; their overhead costs would be at least twice that figure without the collective framework, and at the end of one year of activity they can either sell their share of their own business for what it will be agreed upon at the beginning of activity, or buy back their outstanding shares, that is the ones that are not assigned according to the initial plan (10% are endowed to AMEN in perpetuity)45% secure the seed loan and 45% are owned by the individual company’s founder.

I will welcome your feedback, and will appreciate an opportunity to discuss my proposal’s details with you or whomever you may wish to initially delegate; if you are or have someone in Israel who can contact me it can all be even more immediate.

I will welcome you with joy when you are in the Holy Land and in the meantime appreciate your suggestions; even more so if you will connect me with a sufficiently creative source of seed capital to get this project into motion.

Eliahu Gal-Or


Basic Info

A new cooperative vineyard is being created in the Modiin Hills in central Israel, and working partners or investors are sought anywhere in the world; unique grape strains and innovative techniques are going to be used, and in three years the winery will also get started, producing high quality vintages.

The vineyard will also function as an agriturism center, featuring a youth hostel to provide, besides more employment, hospitality for tourists, volunteers and enrollees in therapeutic programs.

Contact Info

c/o AMEN, Association to Empower the Needy (see the Facebook page)
Ezrat Israel 5

Recent News

the following advertisements were posted in Janglo last week:

INFO4U: Cooperative Wineyard/Winery/Village

Shalom uBeracha,

A group is being formed as the core for a new
agricultural/artists community in the Modiin hills, based on
an organic wineyard to be planted as soon after Rosh haShana

 as possible; this leaves three years to put together
 the winery.

I am not myself part of the group, but I am organizing it for

 my children and my neighbors children to get it started
 the proper way; investors have already been found,
contacted and have expressed their interest.

If you like nature and want to earn a reasonably good living,

raising your children in a clean, healthy environment, contact
me and when I have enough answers I will convene a meeting
 followed by a tour of the site.

It will take at least 10 young adult couples to make progress

 with the institutions, and 20 to 30 is an ideal figure; a youth
hostel is also being built to create agriturism employment
opportunities and a temporary housing solution for singles
while they still are such, I will be then touring Europe, USA
and Canada in the summer looking
for more prospective members.

INFO4U: Project Ahuzat Modiin

Shalom uBeracha,

Many years ago a project to expand Me’Or Modiim, called “Ahuzat Modiin” was initiated; due to pending legal issues

it was never finalized, and some of the participants may have given up the rights they did not know to have acquired.

If you have applied to participate in the above project, or know someone who has, please contact me urgently or in

 the latter case ask your friends to contact me and/or spread the word.

A new plan is now being prepared for the area, and your input is vital; if in the meantime you have given up on

 coming to live in our community, you may still be entitled to a linked refund of whatever you have invested,
plus damages, but it is vital that the information reach me As Soon As Possible, in order to proceed with
presentation of the new development plan.

Intellectual Stock Exchange

A division of AMEN, Association to Empower the Needy; a space for informal education in Israel and for the new Intellectual Economy.

ISE is ispired by “the Joy of Learning” by Aaron Stern (out of print, we desperately need a copy); many foreign Academic Institutions grant credit on this kind of courses towards external study requirements. When affordable, all courses will be available online live or recorded. Satellite TV courses transmitted by foreign Universities will be interactively available on our premises.

Please get in touch if there is a subject, within the general ranges of Art, Science and Torah, which you would like to learn or feel qualified to teach.


The Intellectual Stock Exchange, a division of AME”N, is seeking space, teachers and students in Jerusalem for the following range of courses and workshops:

ART: Art History, Broadcasting Arts, Cinematography, Conceptual Art,
Creative Writing, Electronic Art, Environmental Art, Holography, Improvisation, Journalism, Life Drawing, Lighting Art, Mime, Music, Nature Drawing, Painting, Photography, Play Writing, Poetry, Publishing, Record Production, Sculpture, Social Art, Songwriting,Stage Art, Stand Up Comedy, Video Art, Video Production.

CLASSICAL AND CONTEMPORARY CULTURE: Open to any of your requests/suggestions, it includes languages, communication skills and trend analysis, self and relationship improvement paths of the kind not included in the formal Psychological and Philosophical disciplines.

FOOD AND NUTRITION: Banquet planning and Directing, Cuisine. Diets, Fish, Food Business, Hydroponics, Home Brewing, Distillation and Winemaking, Jewish Culinary Traditions, Organic Home Gardening, Preserve Making.

HEALTH: Allergies, Bio-energetic Healing ,Creative Visualization, Fad-Free Nutrition, Introduction to Chiropractic, Iridology, Light and Color Therapy, Logotherapy, Neuro Psycho Linguistics, Orgonomy
(Wilhelm Reich Study Group (Resonance (Sound Wave) Massage, Sexonomy (Relationship Bio-Energetics), Shiatsu, Speech Improvement, The Alexander Method, The Acquater Hydrotherapy Method, The Dr. Yu Method
(genital unblocking), The Gal-Or Method ( Ballastic Massage and Exercise ) The Feldenkrais Method, The Paula Method (Ring Muscles Toning Exercises), The Pilates Method, The Trager Method, VBACS (Vaginal birth After C- Section), Wellness Path.

LIVING in ISRAEL SKILLS: Banking, Dealing with Unethical Merchants,(un) Civil Servants, Unpleasant Neighbors, Backwards Educators,Children from Different Backgrounds, etc…

JUSTICE: Children’s Rights, Communitarianism (Adriano Olivetti’s Social Justice Theory), Conflict Resolution (Gishur), Debtor’s and Creditor’s Rights, Divorce
Prevention, Forming a Cooperative, Forming a Limited Corporation,Forming a Nonprofit Organization, Founding a New Yishuv Kehilati (Communitarian Village), Gender and Age Discrimination, Husband’s vs.Wife’s Rights in Divorce, Jewish Sociology, Observant vs. Secular Citizens’ Rights, Political Discrimination, Sustainability and Social
Accountability, Volunteer Social Work.

PATHS: Billiard Physics, Car Maintenance, Chess, Classic Cars, East–West, Industrial Production, International Trade, Internet Business, Inventions and Patents, Aliyah Without Being Cheated, Personally Imported Cars, Scrabble, Subject-Free Brainstorm (moderated and
videotaped), Travelers’ Tales.

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Flying Model Planes, Amateur Radio, Astronomy and Basic Astrophysics, Build and Understand Your Own Computer (Wintel or Linux), Ecology, Basic Electronics, General Semantics (Alfred Korzibsky Study Group), Inventors’ Brainstorm, Joy of Learning (Aaron Stern’s Method), Know and Love Your Mac Intosh, Lightwave Communications, Micology, Model Railroads, Organic Farming, Patenting Process, Product Design, Psychology, Robotics, Space and Satellite Communications.

TORAH: Aliyah as a Jew’s Duty, Bereavement, Breslov Hassidism, Carlebach Hassidism, Daf Yomi, Frum Dancing, Hassidic Music, Introduction to Kabbalah, Jewish Humour, Kashrut, Kosher Sex and Family Purity, RaMba”M, Reading the Psalms, Scribal Arts, Simcha Planning, Shabbat and Jewish Law, Shalom Bait, Tzedakah, Understanding Prayer, Weekly Torah Portion.

TRAVEL WORKSHOPS : Pre – Trip Workshops include an Ethnic Banquet, Videos, Experiences Shared Travel Experiences focusing on Body Language and Signage Meaning, Where and How to pay the same price as
the natives, Israeli Local Resources, etc… including a Take Home DVD.

All courses and groups are open to registered members of AME”N and ALL THE TORAH ACTIVITIES ARE FREE OF CHARGE AND OPEN TO ALL regardless of membership status; HOWEVER, since expenses must be met to make it all possible, membership is still appreciated and tax-
deductible (in US or Israel) with freewill donations being only accepted on weekdays, and no pre-registration required for first class; current Standard Membership fee is US$ 10.00 a month, includedin the cost of the first fee-based course taken that month .For every
course the teacher or leader defines the minimum or maximum number ofparticipants. fees, textual and material requirements, location and duration, etc…

The context of ISE activities is the Joy of Learning (Aaron Stern’s book is out of print and we will appreciate it very much if someone who has a copy to share with the group) for learning’s sake; however many foreign Academic Institutions recognize specific ISE courses and
seminars for credit towards their external study requirements. All courses will be audio/video recorded and when affordable, be made available on line live or recorded. Satellite TV courses transmitted by foreign Universities will be available live or recorded.

Peace and Blessings from Luxembourg,

This place is simply amazing, the green of its forests and the lack of uptightness of most of the people I met her gave my soul such a feeling of peacefulness that I felt bound to advance the following idea:

Schengen is a small town in Luxembourg, bordering also ito France and Germany, in a gorgeous and healthy forest landscape; its name is the symbol of open borders and it is where I want to create a Rainbow style gathering of all artists, poets, musicians of every faith, persuasion and nationality who believe that peace in this world is the most urgent priority, to get together in the summer of 2009 and discuss strategies to help bring it about through their art and performance work.

The works created at the gathering will then travel the world to show its results and involve more local artists to further these aims.

It will take sponsors for those artists who cannot afford the travel expenses, but I want the whole world to besuitably represented, and the financial obstacles should eventually be overcome.

Please tell your fellow artists, and get back to me with their expressions of interest; when I have enough applicants I have whom to contact to make this project a reality, and a few sponsors already lined up.

YAEL (Antelope in Hebrew, because they are numerous in the local wildlife) will begin its activity in the spring with seminars and camps at the Dead Sea, and will eventually have a fixed campus there once the resources are gathered.

YAEL will operate traveling seminars in Israel and abroad on relevant subjects; will undertake joint activities with other learning institutions and seek reciprocal accreditation.

YAEL will sponsor Artists, Scientists and Inventors’ travel and participation to international events, conferences, conventions, promoting exchange of students/teachers in the interest of intercultural peace and understanding; it will enable participation to exhibitions and festivals to create a presence of its core concepts in the media and on the ground.


Recent News

Eliahu Gal-Or is going to the US to raise funds for the establishment of YAEL and present the DEAD SEA 1st BIO seminar on Bioenergy, Bioethics and everything else that starts with Bio…
And while you are still here, why not take a look at MY PAINTINGS ?