Peace and Blessings from Milano,

the number of people (227 so far in less than 24 hours!) who joined in two days proves that there is room for a discussion here, so for the first phase I ask you to ask me questions and/or give me suggestions on what your ideal social network looks like, or should. What features are still missing? Which other networks are you on and how do the various experiences compare?

I am not looking at this point for software solutions but that time will come; some networks block all incoming scripts (Ask Scobleizer about this one), some hide YOUR content from Google, which should be your option but not theirs, because no matter how shared or under what terms the content is a vehicle itself, and nobody else has the right to deflate its tyres…

But as software goes, you have no protection for those precious date should (G-d forbid…)your favorite social network collapse, so there should be a private application available which stores all your messages and pages ON YOUR OWN COMPUTER, or on a cloud storage site such as Iron Mountain, to protect the many precious hours of work you have put into the social network from oblivion.

Please e-mail me your thoughts and rantings at, and I will first of all sort them and weed out duplications, then resubmit them to you as a questionaire in order to eventually give you the tabulated results and move on to this project’s next phase.

Don’t forget to add your links, present interests and abilities, where you are and where you are at with your life, where you would like to be if it is a different place, etc… meaning that we are at least conceiving a subnetwork with the objective of creating a a more innovative robust and reliable platform for our collective data, and give them a concretely marketable value by developing our inner transaction engine.

So please, check my blog, google my name and check the links below to know more about me and start the process; I will look at your info as well and put the picture together.

The show must go on.

All the best,

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