Peace and Blessings from Milano,

The Jewish Feast of Tabernacles, Sukkot, is more than any other one a meeting ground for interfaith activities and a celebration of hospitality, which Our Father Abraham practiced and made praiseworthy; many thousands of pilgrims from all religions and places in the world come to Jerusalem to celebrate with the Jewish People its aspirations for peace in the world.

Not everybody has the time and/or resources to go celebrate it in Jerusalem, and I plan this year to erect, with the blessing of local authorities and religious leaders, a Tabernacle of peace in the city of Bergamo, not far from Milano, where, after a gala opening on October 13th,  for the eight days from 14th to 22nd poets, artists, musicians and thinkers of all creeds will meet and talk about peace in the world, and how to end the twin plagues of hunger and violence to make it finally possible.

If you are in the neighborhood and will come, you will fill my heart with joy; and you can’t come but know others who can and tell them, that will also be nice. But the best thing of all is if you make it happen where you are too; if you have an available Rabbi to ask about the details, please do, and give him/her my e-mail to discuss the project with me.

If there is no Rabbi in the area just e-mail me and I will explain to you how it can be done. I am an Orthodox Shomer Mitzvot Jew who refuses to believe or pretend that the rest of the Jewish people does not exist or deserve my company on the basis of equality, and I am open to sincere dialogue with everyone, Jew or not, who wants to talk about the essence of Judaism, in every permissible way.

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