Peace and Blessings from Avignon,

B”H This year 30.000 bottles of Kerem Bnei Shlomo Cotes du Rhone Villages DOC will be made from THESE grapes, and you are invited to come see it done with your own eyes !


I’m not knocking, G-d Forbid Israeli wines, but the Shemita year is just ending and Kerem Bnei Shlomo will only B”H be planted in the spring, so in the meantime I went hunting among Chateaux and Domaines for the very best winery to turn into a kosher one for this year, and I believe for many more to come, as a training base for our future Me’Or Modiim vintners, and as a source of income for AMEN’s good deeds.


See yourselves, and get ready for the best of the best crus, of the Grenache, Shiraz and Mourvedre varieties, done the way Noach was divinely inspired to do, and get ready to dance till the angels come down and join the fete, once we deliver it in time for next year’s Holidays. Of course if Moshiach shows up sooner he’ll know how to ripen it faster so fear not, you will not miss out, provided you are one of the first thirty thousand lucky bottle owners, because this year that is all I plan to make, next year the valley’s borders are the limit and every Jew will have his kiddush bottle.


It will not be cheap, of course, but definitely worth the Gelt, not to mention that the whole ten percent of maaser will finance AMEN’s suicide prevention center; You will also have the opportunity to win one Kerem Bnei Shlomo cooperative share’s registration fees (about 35.000 Euros worth) which will be raffled among the bottle numbers at the end of Hanukah.


Stay tuned, I tasted the grapes and can tell you they will amaze me and you after their job will have been done.


In the meantime, Shabbat Shalom and an easy fast…

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