After receiving these sad news from James de Meo, and associating myself to the painful loss of a courageous woman who has constantly fought to save and protect her father’s gift to mankind, which has contributed so much to human progress, I share them with you; may the memory be for a blessing. EGO

Subject: [OBRL-News-Bulletin ] Eva Reich Has Passed On…
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2008 23:25:54 -0700
From: James DeMeo <>
Dr. Eva Reich has died.  Following a prolonged period of bed-rest after a stroke several years ago, Eva died early on the morning of 10 August 2008.
Eva was the daughter of Dr. Wilhelm Reich and one of his original students deeply engaged in the field of orgonomy.  She worked with her father on a variety of experimental works, including to be a participant- observer in his orgone accumulator clinical work, the orgone motor experiments, Oranur Experiment, and she was a cloudbuster operator in the Tucson, Arizona “Contact With Space” experiments.  Independently she travelled the world, spreading knowledge of the orgone accumulator and blanket, as well as a special “butterfly touch” massage therapy for healing trauma in the newborn, knowledge which was passed on to numerous midwives and groups devoted to children.  At home in rural Maine, with much difficulty and struggle, she founded an independent birth control and women’s clinic. As noted below, in memory of Eva, you are encouraged to make a direct donation to the organization which continues this critical work.
She is survived by daughter Renata Moise and grandson Chris, to whom our heart-felt condolences are given.
We have the following communication from Renata, to share with all:

I would like people to donate if they wish in Eva’s memory to the wonderful local woman and children’s public health nonprofit. She started the birth control clinic part out of a closet office, her medical bag, and a small travel trailer equipped with an exam table bag, (before it was an organized nonprofit).

They struggle to provide crucial services such a fee in home parenting visitors to pregnant couples and young mothers, dental care for poor children and their families, maternal child nurses, birth control, sex education, and other services to one of the poorest areas in the country.

I serve on the board and feel that they do what Eva always thought most necessary- what needs to be done in a concrete way, here and now.

So, if you like, you could let people know of her death and my wish is that donations be sent in her memory to:

Downeast Health Services

52 Christian Ridge Road

Ellsworth, Maine 04640


Renata Moise

You can also make a donation on-line via credit card, at the “Make a Donation” link on their home-page.
Bless You Eva Reich, for all your kindness and dedication to orgonomy, and to new life, and love, on our small troubled planet.
James DeMeo