I met today an old friend and ex-Moshav-neighbor, whom, despite his living about a hundred meters from AMEN’s Jerusalem premises, I rarely met, because we both travel a lot and are madly running in the rat race, which in Israel tends to make real rats out of nice folk like us.

I cannot write much about what his company does, nor is there any need for me to do so; I just want to invite you to click hereand read the whole story yourselves; I have lived in and breathed computerized wind, dreamed computers at whatever hour i could detach myself from physically existing ones, barring coffee and pizza breaks (that is one more reason why I am the Pizza Rebbe…) and I am convinced that his product is truly revolutionary, and that he should be already a billionaire, to be which the sooner the better he has my wholeheartedly enthusiastic blessing.

Alas, he his late in collecting the billions, because it takes first the millions it takes to build the vessels for them, and his genius is too taken with adding one more hairbreadth of perfection to his vastly perfected solution, and he has not yet come across the marketing genius who knows how to let it be seen by the right angel investors (of course if he had hired humble me nine months ago when I was more available and affordable, to do this part of the job for him, and localize his software in another four of the languages I have been blessed with through my holy Mamma’s constant spurring, it would be another story…), but at any rate, you will not find his site boring, and I suggest that you look at it before you get sidetracked.

After all if you help him attain those billions you get your cut as the civilized world’s rules imply…

And while you are at it, feel free to mail a generous check to AMEN to POB 31403, Jerusalem 91313 and help me help people at extreme risk in my non-sectarian, non-ethnic, non-political on-the-road ministry in the footsteps of the one and only Reb Shlomo Carlebach ZTz”L.

Thank you in advance,

Eliahu Gal-Or – the Pizza Rebbe