Yes, my beloved America and Americans, you still have a chance, and I pray to the One and Only G-d of Israel, and think about, the whole world, therefore yours too whatever your creed or ostensible/illusory lack thereof be, that you don’t miss it. If you do it might have been the last one, and not just for you, because if you let this ship sink I drown with you.

I posted the following on, and hope it appears there as well, but in the meantime, here it is:

Peace and Jerusalem’s Blessing,

I supported Mr. McCain’s candidacy from day one and you will find that in my blog; I am not a US citizen so I cannot vote for him myself, but 6 of my 7 US citizens-by-birth children are of voting age and I can count on all of them.

As long as the US has a say in Israel’s internal politics, and I can’t imagine anybody trying to deny this, however unpleasant, fact of life (which I still prefer to all other available alternatives), I deem it fair and appropriate to reciprocate, especially we live on the same and only planet about whose destiny we are obligated to care.

I will not write apocalyptic screed about what would happen to the balance of power on Earth should that Oreobama, G-d forbid, find enough fools who get him elected; if you are reading this most chances say that you are capable of an educated guess.

To finally see that Sara Palin has been picked up as the GOP’s candidate for vicepresidency, and already knowing, by reading all I have the time to of his campaign’s discourse, the depth of McCains intellect and preparation for the job I wish on him, I immediately felt more comfortable, but at the same time delved into all the information I could come up to, about this hitherto unheard about by me, amazing lady and I am so much more impressed, from what is so far revealed to me about her, that I wish I could already hug Mr. McCain to congratulate him on his choice, because for me words are not enough, and I want him to know here how proud I am of his choice; Sara Palin is not the kind of spineless unmentionable we are still at risk of watching scurry in the Oval Office, no matter how little they may last in the face of overwhelming reality, just bowing and kowtowing to the real enemies of peace, of our freedom, of our very life. You know who they are, unless you are too drunk or otherwise drugged to care…

…or you are one of them, or one of those whom Comrade Lenin called “The Useful Idiots”.

Once America had, officially, real balls, and it is time to get weaned from the ball-shrinking hormons called complacency, greed, ignorance of the fact that if the hole in the boats’ hull is not under our seat it is still our business to see it plugged IMMEDIATELY because it is our boat, the one we are in, which sinks with us in it, unless we plug the hole IMMEDIATELY, which includes confiscating drills and destroying IMMEDIATELY enemy centrifuges, and any other potential mayhem capability before it gets used, (9/11 proved that they know how to be in a hurry, so why wait for the next big one instead of preventing it?), regaining control on all our present sources of energy and at the same time stepping up the race to alternative ones.

What I can see from here you can’t see from there, but I am not afraid of being, at least to those of you who will not trouble themselves with actually thinking before they discard whatever challenges their paradigm of prejudice, but prejudice is the surest recipe for self-defeat.

Encouraging and supporting immigration of honest, working human beings of all colors and races is what made America great, what made it what it is, more so what it was around thirty five to thirty years ago, when I was privileged to live there, before I realized that as a Jew a more meaningful life awaited me in the Holy Land, where I could more effectively play my bit part and protect the free portion of the world from shrinking while enjoying full, unalienable political rights, proudly bearing arms of my own flag.

A more sensible policy on immigration is to first of all welcome all the new immigrants you can get, of course after a strict selection to keep out the real threats, but not marginalizing those who are no threat at all except in the fantasy of ignorant, and as I said above, prejudiced hatemongers.

There are plenty of those, all over the world and even in the US, but if the leaders are enlightened they don’t let this deter them from sharing their enlightenment with the masses who desperately need it.

The US can, and should, grow to a population of 600 Million in no more than a generation if it is to still have a meaning on the world’s freedom and democratic values it led it on not so long ago, and I don’t mean by creating banana, mango, avocado or garlic republics, but by recovering, and this is the only realistic way to do, its, and the global economy, by leveraging the transition to the unavoidable, blessed dominance of the Intellectual Economy which can create abundance for literally the whole world’s population by first of all stopping those who keep their people in darkness and brainwash them with otherwordly ideals to die for, of not seeing what Mutually Assured Destruction means.

Bush blew it in Bejing and should have stayed away instead of sinking the US deeper in the mud, but he was there in abundant company and the worst damage he did there was to the credibility of the Republican Party on the home front, so Mr. McCain and the GOP have a tough job ahead of them convincing those who can and IMHO should, elect him as the President, because he is the only one capable of restoring the US to their position of enlightened leadership.

I know he can do it, despite the absurdly lopsided attempts of the left-leaning media machine to sweep him under the metaphorical rug, to lay slices of bacon on all the American eyes they can, forgetting that the nose can always tell what is getting near the fan…

I may not vote, but no one can stop me from blessing Mr. McCain and his running mate Sara Palin with a sweet and deserved victory.

I am a Jew, so if you will allow me to say it a pro at what I can do, and that is of praying with the intensity I am uniquely capable of thanks to having been blessed with one of the world’s highest spiritual Masters of my generation, the one and only Reb Shlomo Carlebach ZTz”L, may his memory be for a blessing to all of us.

Pray, pray and pray while I practice my victory dance, and if my prayer is accepted where the Real Power is, that I will come to dance that dance right at the White House in front of all the cameras, provided no visa baloney get in the celebration date’s way, since these days the US is so good at keeping its real friends out and losing them, while being careless about the real enemies who sneak in unnoticed, and I have so much knowledge to contribute on this issue that I want to share with anybody from the right camp who would listen.

I promise that in the next days I will find more time to add research and write less hastily than I have done this time on my blog; and that I will share with you how good I feel about Mr. McCain’s new running mate’s reasons why she will win and help win, because even if I don’t have my own chip to bet, I can tell a winner when I see one, and I have already read enough about her to say, with all my strenght, that she is a winner and will win, period.

I wish all of you health, wealth and happiness in the coming Holidays which are relevant to you (if none, just make your own up, and when the McCain/Palin team wins, celebrate it with me all the way.

I gotta say it one last time: vote for McCain, don’t let the USS Democracy sink!!!

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