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David Recordon just announced the Open Web Foundation at OSCON. The OWF will be a non-profit organization focused on supporting the development of open, non-proprietary web specifications.

David’s slides from his talk
Clearly, the last thing we/I want is yet ANOTHER foundation, but we’re hoping that this foundation will reduce foundation proliferation in the long run by making it a home for a number of projects that can be supported with single organization. The key functions of the OWF will be to incubate new specifications, help with licensing and non-assertion agreements, copyright (Creative Commons) for the specifications and community building and management.

We have an interesting list of individuals and companies already on board to support this initiative.

The organization will not compete with existing standards organizations. The focus will be on specifications and on the smaller, faster, more ad-hoc projects that need help sorting out the licensing and copyright issues and hope to feed many of these projects to the standards bodies as they become ready.

If you want to participate, join the OWF discussion group.

Congratulations to everyone who worked to get this started and thanks for letting me tag along. Hopefully, I’ll have more to contribute as get going.

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