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This post comes here via Kevin Driscoll who posted from MAKE which posted another article but led to Daily Mail. my comment follows it.

Apple admit Briton DID invent iPod, but he’s still not getting any money

By Daniel Boffey
Last updated at 1:37 AM on 07th September 2008

Apple has finally admitted that a British man who left school at 15 is the inventor behind the iPod.

Kane Kramer, 52, came up with the technology that drives the digital music player nearly 30 years ago but has still not seen a penny from his invention.

And the father of three is so hard up he had to sell his home last year and move his family to rented accommodation.


Good idea: Apple admitted Kane Kramer invented the technology behind the iPod

Now documents filed by Apple in a court case show the US firm acknowledges him as the father of the iPod.

The computer giant even flew Mr Kramer to its Californian headquarters to give evidence in its defence during a legal wrangle with another firm,, which claimed it held patents to technology in the iPod and deserved a cut of Apple’s £89billion profits.

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For those who don’t know it yet, I also left school at 12 to go into the electronics business, and don’t feel culturally handicapped at all, since, as a Google search of my name can easily show, I have so far attained a lot of knowledge which could never have been aggregated in such a combination had I let the school system ( of there and then) retard me for the sake of averages; granted, I would have had a so-called steady job and by now easier credit until the next historic event would yank that carpet from under my feet.

I met so many verifiable PhDs on Skid Row, and some of them have eaten at my AMEN Soup Kitchen, which is now closed for lack of money to pay for water, electricity and roof repair (the rains will start soon too…).

And yet I am cheerful, because I know that nobody has yet reinvented what I conceived in 1976 as a Ultra High Definition control/feedback telesurgery subsystem):my laser communicator, or hundreds of my other inventions which still have a chance to reach the market; some did, exactly like the Ipod on the following article, and in my case you will see my (cosmetically changed ) Universal Ballastic Exerciser, but with much lesser capability, successfully marketed at

I am not saying that they copied anything from me, and there is no reason why they would have to, but simply that I have patented the system, successfully tested and endorsed at Wingate Institute in 1989 and exhibited it among other places at Comdex in Atlanta where it got some good press but I never found the financing to produce my device or write at least a book on my trauma response discoveries.

I have a different way of looking at life, one which is shaped by my work on Intellectual Economy:

I have no claim or complaint against the makers of Bodyblade; quite the contrary, because they are after all publicizing a system which will make more people healthier, thus improving the whole world of which I am part too, indirectly benefiting me and fertilizing the ground on which my teachings will bloom. It’s a big world and there is room for everybody’s product to freely compete on quality and price, so why shyould I begrudge them their market share? Can they sell a few billion pieces sooner than mine gets to market, will I sell any less by fighting them, even if just to make waves? the answer is no, especiallyu because what I lost in income by being late is offset many times by what I have gained in the advance of my research and in the other 8 devices I have invented so far, and successfully experimented with.

Here is the story, and if you know more stories of this kind, please share them with me.

AMEN is a channel to make the world a little better by reducing self-defeating credit discrimination, and in the meantime, feed, clothe, shelter, transport and employ the casualties of the self-destroying banking system. We are here to provide access to tools and workspace for those whose talent and very life would otherwise be wasted just by dealing with the countless hurldes in the way of productive recovery.

The Ipod may not have been as needed as something else to fix the world, but its production does feed several million people, many of which would otherwise have already starved to death, because IT IS ALL CONNECTED! Bodyblade feeds people too, and so do even Dow Chemical, Monsanto and the rest of those who would replace hunger with worse ecological nightmares.

Spaceship Earth is leaking, and the race is on between those who drill holes in the hull and those who bail the water out, but the answer is to plug the holes already there too, so we need to start by teaching our children more than notions, more than cheating about their acquisition, more than accumulating wealth which when frozen is useless in their lifetime and how moch more so when they leave it behind to poorly trained, ethically challenged heirs?

The world is becoming less compassionate, less trustful, less responsible and this is a trend which if not reversed will cost us the full monty; in my Book, it is Cain who asks” Am I my brother’s keeper?” and mankind hasn’t answered this question to itself yet.

There is no need to reduce luxury, let it get higher and higher in Art, Science and even Faith (we shall define the latter’s aspect when I can sit longer than today at the keyboard, but even without my help examples abound. The difference is that there is a real economy, many of whose aspects are hidden from the hoi polloi who lack the necessary math to figure them out…

In Art, it must be possible to create beyond one’s skull’s interior, into the world, the dishes, images, sounds… which boil furiously in on the Inner fire called Art, the one that is unquenchable by hunger, thirst or fatigue, and to share one’s vision with the rest of the world; getting paid fairly is another business, finding the tools and materials, especially when you do not fit arbitrary parameter of age, liquidity or sexual preference/availability/recklessness… is an unending struggle.

In Science, I welcome and salute the start in my beloved Geneve of the LHC and wish I could see the Dalai Lama push the starting button, to show the world who really is the boss, once in a while.

I may have to miss the inaugural party, and pray that the world’s most expensive (to date…) toy will produce real results and not just huge fallacious farts mislabeled knowledge as we have seen throughout the history of “Science”, a word whose meaning keeps on changing to include what it first fought tooth and nail to exclude, and viceversa.

And yet the tought lingers in me that with the resources employed in building the Large Hadron Collider we could have fed all of the needy part of India for a year, maybe two; if mankind is to actualize itself and really travel to space, I am an original old Trekkie and believe it must, ASAP, dedicate a hundred times more resources to Space, then it must build, hopefully well, not just LHCs but start seriously teaching the newly arriving humans how to be and feel part of a finally whole society, to give up the illusion of territory where your brother, sister, language does not belong or has no access to.

In Faith, who am I to point fingers…, there is so much fraud and abuse of credulity that would eclipse the real thing if it was not so much bigger than its detractors; if there were true, pure black or white the world would cease to exist, have no reason to be; it is feasible to pedal a bicycle with one foot but can it be fun or even just comfortable? And if steered only in one direction, without ever changing the angular moment, will the path forever fit the route?

I am not trying here to just draw water to my mill; what I wish to point out is that all of us will be so much richer and fulfilled when we make available, undiscriminately, the means of production to all the possible artists and intellectuals, and let them contribute to the infinite growth this planet is capable of.

Bandwidth, energy, wealth are all infinite, all available unless restricted by obsolete considerations of the kind endured in all the past dictatorships; what looks like chaos is just a higher level of o0rder, and what looks like chaos DOES include its implicate order and this is a fact we keep on letting out the back door while pretending the front door’s key is missing. Whom are we fooling?