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Robert Parham

Current Mission: “To good friends and great experiences”

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Country Ambassador (Israel)

Haifa district
Lat: 32.81556, Lon: 34.98917
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Robert Parham is a CS Country Ambassador for Israel!
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member since July 19th, 2006
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age 30
birthday August 20th
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occupation Currently Travelling!
education Studying for a PhD, Business Admin.
grew up in Tel-Aviv, Israel
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Israel 2496:6538 Burning Man 1775:2856
Why: Going there in 2008
Country Ambassadors! 110:793
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Sorry guys and girls,
I’m off to brazil for 6 months of couchsurfing fun.

If you’re a traveller in need and looking for some help,
please try the City Ambs:

See you when i get back!




My name is Robert, I’m 28 and I live in ofer, which is an agricultural settlement on the outskirts of Haifa. The surrounding is very quite, with lots of animals around (horses, sheep, chicken, …).

I can offer a couch, some floor-space to lay your sleeping bag or some room in the backyard to pitch a tent, if you prefer it that way.

I really love to travel the world and meet new people, and while I’m not traveling, couch surfers bring the spirit of traveling to me 🙂

I would love to accommodate any number of people. i can fit 2 in my house and have enough blankets/sleeping bags for them. more than that – there’s alot of grass here for a tent…

I don’t have pets, i don’t usually smoke but have no problem with smokers and i can pick you up from the central bus/train station in haifa as i work nearby.

Anything else? Just ask me!


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PictureSharon Gabay
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PictureVanya and Alona Rubin
31, Several people
Haifa, Haifa district
Friends since November 1996
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PictureZohar Zilberman
25, Male
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“We spent way too much time together in the army :)”
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24, Male
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PictureOri Kaplan
30, Male
Tel Aviv-Yafo, Tel Aviv district
Friends since January 2006
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Friendship Type: 7 – Best Friend
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25, Female
Shave Ziyyon, Northern district
Friends since June 2006
“met Robert at the first and only CS Israel meeting (some called him the homus king)”
Friendship Type: 3 – CouchSurfing Friend
I vouched for Robert Parham
Met in person Surfed1
PictureBatSheva Katz
22, Female
Jerusalem, Jerusalem district
Friends since May 2006
“stopped him in the middle of the street while i was canvasing for greenpeace”
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I vouched for Robert Parham
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PictureKfir Damari
23, Male
Be’er Sheva, Southern district
Friends since May 2005
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PictureKeren Shoham
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Tel Aviv-Yafo, Tel Aviv district
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PictureSofia Daichman
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Cordoba, Cordoba
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Robert Parham
In my sister’s wedding
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Personal Description

Well, the only thing you need to know about me is that i hate writing about myself.
I think you can look at my references below, they’ll tell the story better than i can 🙂

How I Participate in CS2

Go to meetings, host, surf, evangelize, and generally make sure CS is a live community!

Since joining CS, I:
Hosted: Noa, Shavei Zion, Israel
Hosted: Vinny, Beijing, China
Hosted: Noam, Jerusalem, Israel
Surfed: Asher, Tiberias, Israel
Surfed: Erhan, Istanbul, Turkey
Surfed: Seda, Istanbul, Turkey
Hosted: Rebekah, Melborne, Australia
Hosted: Asher, Tiberias, Israel
Surfed: Heidi, Tacoma, USA
Surfed: Erinn, Seattle, USA
Surfed: Catherine, Seattle, USA
Surfed: Claire, Portland, USA
Surfed: Eva, Portland, USA
Surfed: Carly, Portland, USA
Hosted: Eva, Portland, USA
Hosted: Danika, Philadelphia, USA
Hosted: Elizabeth, Pasadena, USA
Hosted: Ciro, Lisbon, Portugal
Hosted: Tomas, Prague, Czech Republic
Hosted: Fiona, Newcastle, England
Hosted: Natasha, London, England
Hosted: Capser, Berlin, Germany
Hosted: Natasha, Boston, US
Hosted: Eli, Paris, France
Hosted: Jordan, Westfield NJ, US
Hosted: Maggi, Amman, Jordan
Surfed: Alissa, Jerusalem, Israel
Surfed: Hila, Karkur, Israel
Surfed: Itay, Ra’annana, Israel
Surfed: Ori, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Hosted: Hila, Karkur, Israel
Hosted: Yael, Be’er Sheva, Israel
Hosted: Sarit, Jerusalem, Israel
Hosted: Miahel, Jerusalem, Israel
Hosted: Yul, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Hosted: Alissa, Jerusalem, Israel
Hosted: Jeremy, Ramat-Gan, Israel
Hosted: Ori, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Hosted: Sharon, Jerusalem, Israel
Hosted: Talia, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Hosted: Howard, Lillooet BC, Canada
Hosted: Maarja, Talinn, Estonia
Hosted: Addi, Even-Yehuda, Israel
Surfed: Julie, Qadima, Israel
Surfed: Tulla, Givat Nili, Israel
Surfed: Heleen, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Surfed: Carly, Portland, USA (again!)
Surfed: Marissa, Portland, USA
Surfed: Kacey, Portland, USA
Surfed: Gisele, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Surfed: Karina, Recife, Brazil
Surfed: Beni, Recife, Brazil
Surfed: Silvia, Vale do Capao, Brazil
Surfed: Claudia, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Surfed: Vanessa, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Surfed: Luciana, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Surfed: Yara, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Surfed: Irene, Montevideo, Uruguay
Surfed: Jessica, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hosted: Ciro, Lisbon, Portugal (again!)
Hosted: Leah, Ann Arbor, USA
Surfed: Evangelina, El Calafate, Argentina
Surfed: Matias, El Calafate, Argentina
Surfed: Marlis, Santiago, Chile
Surfed: Sofia, Cordoba, Argentina
Surfed: Pablo, Cordoba, Argentina
Surfed: Emiliano, Cordoba, Argentina
Surfed: Renzo, Cordoba, Argentina
Surfed: Riva, Salta, Argentina
Surfed: Carla, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Surfed: Cecilia, La Paz, Bolivia
Hosted: Dana, Haifa, Israel

and I can’t wait to continue this list 🙂

CouchSurfing Experience

Meeting new people is soooo much fun!
I love hosting, i love surfing, i love going to CS gatherings and arrange CS gatherings, and i generally enjoy this site alot.


Farming, Traveling, Fishing, Dancing, Going out, Partying and having lots of FUN!


– The essence of life is curiosity.

– In the end its not how many breaths you take, but how many times your breath was taken away.

Music, Movies, Books

anything goes. my lists of favorite books, favorite movies and favorite bands is too long to list here.

Types of People I enjoy

funny, easy-going, smiling, fun-to-be-with people are my kind of people.

Teach, Learn, Share

I wish to learn anything about farm-life.
I can teach stuff about farm-life, israel, hiking and computers.
But most of all, i want to meet new people, from different cultures, and learn about them.

One Amazing Thing I’ve Seen or Done

– Travelling to Alaska
– Hitchhiking from Anchorage, Alaska to San-Diago, California
– CouchSurfing all across South America
– Being arrested by the US border control after being mistaken to be a suicide bomber 🙂

Opinion on the Project

People that visited my profile today:

Visitor Map

WOW. I think that says it all.

Locations Traveled

TRAVELED: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Egypt, Germany, Netherlands, Paraguay, Turkey, United States, Uruguay
LIVED: Iran, Israel
IS GOING TO: Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru


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Chicago, United States
Sep 6 Met in person Good Friend, Traveled 6 days



It is with great honor that we call you a good friend. The best times during Burning Man were all with you. We miss you so much already. Will never forget seeing you cook “the bacon” in our first morning, a true show!! We are planning a “Round the World” trip and have included Tel Aviv as a major stop. We will also start planning a trip to Brazil and host about 40 people. It will be fun!!!

We love you mate!
Adriano and Eloah

PictureFrom Brook Yates
Breckenridge, United States
Sep 4 Met in person Close Friend, Traveled 6 days


He is my soul mate! I love this man with all of my heart. He has to be one of the greatest person you could ever want to travel with. He walks around and he is magnetically attracted to spontaneity, fun, and amazing opportunities. Not only is he a big ball of fun he is considerate, hardworking, selfless and cares about those around him. He expresses himself freely and interrupts people constantly and blames his heritage on this annoying little trait of his. He creates community instantly around him. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to get to know him so intimately and I hope you a lucky enough to experience this beautiful spirit. I love you mi amore!

PictureFrom Vel-ster
Seattle, United States
Sep 4 Met in person Close Friend, Hosted 1 days Traveled 10 days


“Numero Cinco” is a spitfire and a half, whether he knows it or not! He’s smart as a whip and makes me laugh-a true gentleman whom I had the privilege of experiencing my first Burning Man with. I feel totally safe and comfortable when he is around, and I miss him! Robert-I think I still owe you some beers, and you can have my four other toes.

PictureFrom OH DONNA
Chico, United States
Sep 4 Met in person Friend, Traveled 9 days


In one word, Robert is simply *Amazing*. He was the very first Couchsurfer I met at burning man this year. I found the camp because of him and we spent many precious moments together. Robert is a lover of life, a lover of people and a wonderful human. If there is any way in this world I can spend more time with him I will find a way. HE will make your life richer and more enjoyable if you have the possibility of meeting him. Robert is one of very favorite playa surfers. Dusty hugs to you my brother..

PictureFrom Lauren.S Shulman
Chapel Hill, United States
Sep 3 Met in person Close Friend, Traveled 7 days


Words cannot express my gradtitude to this new friend in my life. I cannot wait to see this kind soul again. Can’t help but love him.

PictureFrom Mariano Fabricio Morales
Guayaquil, Ecuador
Aug 29 Met in person CouchSurfing Friend, Surfed 3 days Traveled 2 days


My third experience whit a nomadic ambassador…so far of another…
Robert show me whitout words the true meaning of being free!! absolutely on his wild way… Is a pure good vibes….
I hope some day taste your zazhuka!..and Enjoy the Burning man..the next year i`ll be heading for sure….