I Used to be a Democrat – The Stories


Contact: Director of Communications Shari Hillman
Thursday, May 8, 2008 The RJC advertising campaign “I Used to Be a Democrat” has been very successful – both in raising awareness in the broader community about Jewish Republicans and the RJC, and in encouraging those who “used to be Democrats” to tell their stories.

We are proud to present some of the stories we’ve received from Jewish former Democrats. IF you’d like to share your story with us, please send it to MyStory@RJCHQ.org.

Rabbi Cary Kozberg wrote:

Among friends and colleagues, I have become a maverick. Some believe I have lost my mind.

I am an ordained Reform rabbi who was raised as a “Kennedy Democrat”, but for reasons of personal and religious integrity, became a registered Republican in 1996.

Today, after 9/11, I fear that the Democrats do not understand the danger of radical Islam. In addition, though I obviously believe in the necessity of tsedakah and helping the less fortunate, the Democrat agenda has unfortunately influenced people farther away from taking personal responsibility for their own lives, to the detriment of society as a whole.

Although I come from a “non-fundamentalist” approach to Judaism and religion, I believe that American society and culture needs more “G-d” and biblical values in the public arena. That Jews–the folks who brought ethical monotheism to humanity–are usually the ones to scream the loudest about keeping religion out of the public square–is a source of great embarrassment.

Finally, I’m convinced that the Republicans and their constituencies are the best friends Israel has, and that one day Jews who identify as liberals are going to wake up and realize what a mistake they have made, when they find that the other constituencies within the Democrat part