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The Rabbi, The Goat and the ElAl Fuel / Frequent Flyer Surcharge

Yes folks, it has happened again. A Yiddish folk tale from 19th century Europe has been reenacted in 21st century Israel. Its the story of the Rabbi and the Goat. ElAl, after tacking on $500 to a “bonus” ticket on their Matmid Frequent flyer program in the form of taxes, fees and fuel surcharges has issued a self-congratulatory email to its important friars flyers announcing a $35 reduction in the cost of a flight to New York, due to the declining price of oil.

In case you are not familiar with the tale, here it is, as described by Max Fischer (In Yiddish, this is usually drawn out into a 30 minute story):

“A Yiddish folk tale tells of a man who visits his rabbi to complain about his wife and seek pity about his household’s condition. The wise rabbi counsels the man to take a goat, some chickens, and a cow into his home. Upon seeing the rabbi a day or two later, the man is distraught about the mess and commotion the animals have made. The rabbi advises the man to remove the animals, whereupon the man views his home life as absolute bliss.”

There is even a book about this and now a whole airline is using this strategy.