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Tiny coup d’état

A blogger has told me about a change in the Criminal Code that abolishes the crime of “coup d’état” . It happened two years ago, with the next to the last government of the psycho-dwarf. But no one noticed. I admit it, not even I did. Not even the newspapers and TV stations full of journalists and P2-ist directors did. They turned the other way in the face of the turning-upside-down of article 283. Since 2006, parties, undercover masons and organised crime can do a coup d’état without consequences. As long as they don’t use “violent acts”. They can do it with corruption, with deviated information, with criminals in Parliament subtracted from election choices because of the abolition of preferences.
These folk, whether they are PDL or PDminusL have taken precautions for the future. Just think if things change in the future. If democracy takes hold in Italy. And if someone asks for an account of these unpunished ones for their actions, even about the tiny coup d’état that they have already done. In that case, they would have recourse to the new Criminal Code, the P2 Code, in the name of justice.

Dear Beppe,
On 13 March 2006, various articles of the Criminal Code relating to attacks on the State were modified. Surely the country felt a great need for these modifications. The most interesting is that of article 283 of the Criminal Code. It said:
’Anyone who commits a fact aimed at changing the Constitution of the State, or the form of the Government, with methods not allowed for by the constitutional arrangements of the State, is punished with imprisonment for a period not less than 12 years.’ It was been altered to say: ’Anyone, using violent actions, who commits a fact aimed at changing (and appropriate for that) the Constitution of the State, or the form of the Government, with methods not allowed for by the constitutional arrangements of the State, is punished with imprisonment for a period not less than 5 years.’
With violent acts, not going via the party of which he is the boss or by corrupting parliamentarians by using their lovers. Get ready for the Coup, but don’t fear the ‘violent actions’, it will be perfectly ‘legal’. By pure coincidence it brings to mind that it was article 283 that brought the P2 to trial.”

PS On 25 April 2008 the TV stations of the whole world recorded V2 Day. In Italy only the Digos recorded it on closed circuit TV. The Australian TV broadcast an hour long programme. Even the Aussies know what is happening in the ‘Bel Paese’. I have extracted and subtitled 10 minutes of the broadcast. It is a great show!

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The Australian show was on the national broadcaster ABC on a programme called ‘Foreign Correspondent’. It was a twenty minute documentary with a good interview with Grillo. Here is the link to the story page which itself has links to the online broadcast and to a forum:

Posted by: Christina Elisabeth | September 8, 2008 05:43 AM

caro Beppe, quanto durerà ancora?

Posted by: Filippo Pellacani | September 7, 2008 08:13 PM

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