From IRISYet another vicious anti-Semitic Muslim attack in

Three Jewish teens were attacked by a group of Muslim
African immigrants in Paris on Saturday evening, a
French police spokeswoman said Sunday.

The Jewish teens, ages 17 and 18, who have been
identified as Dan Nebet, Kevin Bitan and David Boaziz,
are leaders of the Bnei Akiva youth group in Paris’
19th District.

Thiery Nebet, Dan’s father, told Haaretz over the phone
that according to what his son had said, as they were
walking down the street, “Four or five Arabs of African
origin started to throw walnuts at Kevin. When he went
up to them to ask them why they did it, they surrounded
him and knocked him down. Kevin and David moved in and
very quickly more Arabs joined in and started to beat
the three with their fists and with chains.”

The Jewish teens were hospitalized, one with a broken
nose and jaw and all three with bruises, and filed a
police report after their release. Police opened an
investigation and are looking for the Muslim teenagers
allegedly responsible for the attacks.

The attack is one of a long series of racial attacks in
Europe in general and in France in particular. France
has Western Europe’s largest population of both Jews
and Muslims.

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