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An increasing amount of crowdsourcing initiatives make it easier to outsource work to the crowds. One of the promising new entrants in this market is Crowdspring. I interviewed founder Ross Kimbarovsky and marketer Pete Burgeson who took on the battle with players like 99designs and since last month even Microsoft!

What is crowdSPRING?

crowdSPRING is the creative services marketplace. For buyers, it’s a place to post a creative project, watch the world contribute ideas, and choose the one they like. About 500,000 new businesses are started in the U.S., and millions around the world, every month. The vast number of these new businesses and many SMBs cannot afford expensive design work. In fact, “professional” designers told us unequivocally that they won’t work with start-ups and small businesses because start-ups and small businesses can’t afford their fees. For agencies, it’s a way to leverage a global pool of creative talent.
And for creatives, it’s a global stage for their creativity where title and experience don’t matter. For every established creative professional who’s made it, there’s a groundswell of untapped creative talent around the world just looking for a way to express themselves and get noticed. Millions of people.

What motivates designers to contribute? Is it exposure/money/fun/altruism?

Simply put, creative people want to be creative.  The explosion of (more…)