I have created this Facebook group and invite you to join it and/or give me feedbackabout the way you feel social network could be if you had your way about it, why and how could they be improved, and any, I mean ANY questions about the way you are currently experiencing them.

Digital Anthropology could be another term to describe it, as it integrates the study of consciousness and self-extension through social networks, with introspection akin to a psychedelic trip, with psychoanalysis, and in particular Mass Psychology and General Semantics through the polyglot, polymath type of individual coming of age through said network.

In other words, as an individual’s behaviour is dictated by environment (you don’t wait for the train in a forest where you see no tracks or hear rumbles just as much as you don’t look for a tree to pick bananas from in the middle of Manhattan), so is the environment modified naturally (by this I do not mean materially designed (re)modeled, but refer to the environment as it is perceived/sensed by its occupants) by its intended function.

Art is the primary mode of creation of such an environment whose pure function is the creation of the experience both of being in it, and of the inner cognitive chances it generates (for example epileptic seizure triggered by a flashing light, such as that of a police car’s beacon when its frequency has not been established considering the specific brainwave ones responsible for the seizures in order to avoid causing them) or the Doppler effect on a syren moving through in one’s immediate space.

My first experiment in this context was the installation of an environment at the Museum of Conceptual Art in S.Francisco in 1976: “Coffee, Tea, Spice, Smoke, Cake and…” which was a simulation of what the experience of an Internet Cafe would be like in the then future, when WWW was still seen as science fiction by most of [(wo)mankind – note the pseudoPG genderneutrality diluting language thus slowing cognition in the name of rejecting convention because not being putatively conventional besides being conventionally unconventional does not attract the attention of undeveloped minds such as those of those who use unconvention as a form of mental cosmetic…- ] .

The experience was literally, as I communicated unseen through a Teletype33 with the visitors of a Middle Erastern Styled Cafe, meant to be that of Big Brother breathing on your neck , as I from another connected teletype in the basement could see through a hidden CCTV camera the persons typing and give them written cues based on their body language, plus remotely activate a hidden hair dryer behind their back, etc…

Paranoia once experied under stress is internalized and reappears when triggering cues are met; so do more pleasant states of mind as for instance smelling baking bread or roasting coffee. The environment included music, aromas and special effects and its purpose was to explore the cognitive changes it induced by recording the visitor’s experience along with their own written comments, like a blog does today.

The purpose of this group is to collectively develop the next generation of social networks which will go beyond the present Facebook, Myspace, etc… versions and their built-in fallibility, and to turn the new ones into self sufficient transaction engines for fun and profit, starting with creating documentation in all known and available media, and continuing on to the experiment of the new network itself using available proprietary platforms.

This is a call to Social Network Architects and Futurists, in particular to Social Artists, Activists, and Entrepreneurs to come together, meet, eventually in person, and discuss how to influence social networking’s development to improve quality of life on this planet discentrically from the cyclone’s eye (thanks for your book John, R.I.P.) for ALL of its inhabitants, and of course, bring peace…

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