From Pizzarebbe

I really run a suicide prevention ministry in Jerusalem or wherever I happen to be traveling, and I run it without the necessary resources; the Hesed Kitchen downtown is closed for over a year, not only without electricity and water (on top of which the City of Jerusalem has sued me for around 1.800 Shekels for a fine because the main water pipe exploded and a neighbor complained before I could fix it, but now that it is fixed there is no water, so no sanitation is possible – the city is full of leaking pipes, I have seen some of them for years, and I am sure that a fair amount of those connected to them have never been fined) or telephones except for my mobile, or transportation, which would really be essential in emergencies.

I just got another message and I need to go talk this person out of taking his/her own life; friends have told me about it, and all I have to offer is words, I have hardly cash for a slice of pizza for this client, and yet I spent 4 hours in Mahane Yehuda Shuk holding a jar and saying Tehillim, and gathered about twenty dollars, but what it takes is the warm environment of Beit Midrash Ohel Hana downtown, where I can’t even let anybody in, where this morning I should at least fill the cracks in the roof with cement before the rains but instead I have to go spend who knows how long talking. I am waiting for the friend’s call as he is trying to locate the would-be suicide, so I can’t even go to the mikva or start praying…

I have a project that can create up to a hundred livelihoods in Jerusalem, and another hundred in Me’Or Modiim, and I could make enough progress with the first 100.000 USD to open it up, and another half a million would sustain it for a year and prove the concept which could then repeated in the whole country and even world… times are getting harder, and we can’t wait for the cows to run away to justify the cost of adding a door to the open barn.

So if you mean busisess like I do, chip in with some real money, a serious sum, gather it among your friends and connections and deposit it in account 300046471 of Bank Yerushalaim on Keren haYesod, Jerusalem; for Israeli taxpayers: I don’t have yet Seif 46 status, until I have enough to hire an accountant to handle the paperwork or one who volunteers pro-bono, whereas I can offer US donors a receipt from “Friends of AMEN which is registered in California.

More details are of course available to serious enquiries.

Shabbat Shalom and Jerusalem’s blessings to all,

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