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Some in the comments of my last post made a great point: “this looks like windows to me now, Application is the ‘Start’ button and the apps are the quick launch”. Whoa! I did not even realize that when I first looked at the design but it totally does. Mark Zuckerberg suggested that Facebook was becoming the web operating system when the platform launched last year and now it’s beginning to look like it.

While the new design Facebook sent out to developers this afternoon has yet to launch, Facebook is slowly making changes that make the platform increasingly similar to Windows. While chat windows cannot be dragged around anywhere it’s clearly a step in that direction. The bookmarked applications are just like Windows quick launch.

Some developers will be happy to know that all bookmarked applications now show up when you click on “Applications” at the bottom of the page. This is one more step toward making it clear that Facebook is literally becoming a web based operating system. The only task now will be embracing some of the features now found in Google Chrome in which applications can run in stand alone windows.

While that won’t happen in the near future, something like this would truly transform the web. I never thought such a small change could have such a big impact. Do you see the similarities to Windows? Do you think Facebook is rapidly becoming the leading web operating system?

Facebook Windows Screenshot