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n the summer of 2007, WIE presented an in-depth investigation into the next step in women’s evolution. But the inquiry was just getting started. Championed by WIE‘s senior editor, Dr. Elizabeth Debold—a feminist activist, bestselling author, and Harvard-trained developmental psychologist—our exploration into women’s role in the continued evolution of progressive culture has been only deepening over the past year. In the video below, Debold shares some of the insights we’ve gleaned into what it really means for women to take a new evolutionary step forward:

»; Click to watch “The Next Women’s Liberation” (6 min)

Next month, on October 4, Debold will lead a one-day interactive virtual seminar, inquiring into the history and future potentials of women’s involvement in the evolution of consciousness and culture. Click here to find out how you can participate in this special event.


Remembering Swami Chidananda
In last week’s email, we presented a quotation from the late Swami Chidananda in remembrance of his remarkable life and work. Now we invite you to read a new blog post by WIE founder Andrew Cohen about the deep connection he had with this extraordinary and deeply enlightened saint. Thoughtful comments are welcome. Click here to read “Remembering Swami Chidananda.”

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