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(2008-09-10) — Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s growing popularity has spawned a booming cottage industry in Palin-esque items from hockey jerseys to her distinctive frameless eyeglasses. Now, an allegedly off-hand remark by Democrat presidential nominee Barack Obama has sparked a run on another product, clearing the shelves of pig lipstick at farm stores across the nation

Yesterday, Sen. Obama mocked the McCain-Palin ticket’s “maverick” claim, at one point noting that “you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig“. An explosion of laughter from his audience on the word ‘lipstick’ seemed to indicate that many people recalled the punchline of Gov. Palin’s convention joke about the difference between a hockey Mom and a pitbull, and thought he was ridiculing her.

The combination of Sen. Obama’s ability to mesmerize a crowd, and Gov. Palin’s endearing personality almost-instantaneously revived a once-moribund market in domestic animal beauty products.

So, while the debate over whether Sen. Obama meant the comment as a slap at Gov. Palin continues, at least one maker of cosmetics for horses, cows, sheep and pigs — Wisconsin-based Haybelline — is wallowing in record sales, not only of pig lipstick, but of porcine cosmetics in general.

“We’ve been flooded with calls from retailers,” said an unnamed Haybelline spokesman. “All of the lipstick in our Passionate Pigment line is just gone, and stores are dangerously low on stocks of other products like mascara, blush and our classic sparkling snoutliner.”

The Haybelline source said “the timing couldn’t be better” because the firm is about to launch a complete line of beauty products for use on wild animals, slain by hunters, which appear in trophy photos.

“I just got off the phone with our plant manager,” he said, “I told him to go round the clock on production of Magnificent Moose Mousse. I just have a gut feeling this is going to be big.”

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