From 38pitches


Before you click on this link, understand the intent. It’s powerful and there is a message there. Senator McCain would never pay for something like this so make sure you are clear that this was not done by him or his campaign.

Whether you agree with the message or not that’s your right and privilege but when I get things like this I enjoy passing them on to people that want to see them because things like this make me proud to live here amongst people like this.

In this environment someone’s going to go off the deep end and rant and piss and moan, but don’t, I posted this because it’s a message lost amongst the loud noise being made by people screaming to vote for someone or push an agenda that says “remove the troops now” and “What we did was a mistake” and the many other things that in some way show disrespect to the men and woman that have made sacrifices for people they’ll never know because their Commander in Chief told them to.